EU to target N. Korea with 'tough' sanctions

The European Union plans a gamut of 'tough' sanctions against North Korea, ranging from financial measures to travel bans and asset freezes against individuals, EU diplomats said Friday.

"There will be wide sanctions", announced at talks between the bloc's 27 foreign ministers Monday, said an EU diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity.

These would include the implementation of individual sanctions approved at UN level as well as EU restrictions on financial dealings and trade sanctions on items potentially linked to Pyonyang's ballistic and nuclear programmes, the source said.

"It is a tough package that aims to mark our opposition to the nuclear test," conducted by Pyonyang on February 12, said a senior EU diplomat who also asked not to be named.

The UN Security Council on January 22 ordered expanded sanctions against North Korea, adding its state space agency, a bank, four trading companies and four individuals to an existing UN sanctions list.