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Nigeria: Gunmen kidnap seven foreigners

Seven foreigners, including one Briton, an Italian, a Greek and several Lebanese workers, have been kidnapped in Nigeria.

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(Richard Bouhet/AFP/Getty Images)

Gunmen have kidnapped seven foreigners at a Lebanese-owned construction site in northern Nigeria, and shot dead their security guard, police said on Sunday.

"There was an attack on the Setraco construction company site in Jama'are town (in Bauchi State) by unknown gunmen. Six company staff, including two expatriates, were kidnapped," state police chief Mohammed Ladan said of the incident on Saturday.

According to Reuters, the people abducted included a Briton, a Greek, an Italian and four Lebanese workers, two of whom were women.

No one has taken responsibility for the raid.

Though foreigners are abducted by armed groups and criminal gangs in the country's south, these incidents are rare in the country's predominantly Muslim north. Attacks and kidnappings by Islamist groups in the region are frequent.

Nigerian authorities have said that the same gunmen attacked a prison and a police station in the region, but were repelled in both instances, Voice of America reported.