Chavez's 20-month battle against cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who returned to his country early on Monday after spending more than two months in Cuba for cancer surgery and treatment, has been battling the disease for 20 months.


- June 10: Chavez undergoes surgery in Cuba to treat an abscess in his pelvic area.

- June 30: Chavez discloses that he underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor.

- October 20: Chavez, who has vowed to run for re-election in October 2012, declares he is free of cancer after four rounds of chemotherapy.


- February 26: Chavez undergoes surgery in Cuba to remove a lesion in the same pelvic area where a cancerous tumor was cut out in 2011.

- March 4: Chavez admits publicly for the first time that a "lesion" removed a week earlier in Cuba was in fact a cancerous tumor and says he must undergo more radiotherapy treatment.

- March 24: The start of a new round of radiotherapy in Havana.

- July 9: Chavez insists he is "totally" cancer-free.

- October 7: He wins a new six-year term as president.

- November 27: Chavez says in a letter to the country's National Assembly he plans to return to Cuba to continue treatment for cancer.

- November 29: Vice President Nicolas Maduro says Chavez is doing well.

- December 7: Chavez appears in public for the first time in three weeks as he returns from Cuba after his latest cancer treatment.

- December 8: Chavez says that his cancer has returned and he will have to undergo another round of surgery in Cuba.

- December 11: Chavez undergoes a fourth round of cancer surgery in Cuba.

- December 19: The government announces Chavez is in a "stable" condition after being diagnosed with a respiratory infection following his latest surgery.

- December 30: After a visit to Cuba, Maduro says Chavez has suffered a new setback as a consequence of the respiratory infection.


- February 1: Maduro says that Chavez has entered "a new phase" in his recovery and is "recovering little by little, gaining strength".

- February 15: In a first glimpse of Chavez for two months, he is seen in photos in Havana bed-ridden but smiling.

- February 18: Chavez says on Twitter that he has returned to Venezuela. He is taken to Carlos Avarela Military Hospital in Caracas where he will continue his medical treatment, according to his family.