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PRETORIA, South Africa: Olympic "Blade Runner" and murder suspect Oscar Pistorius appears in court for the second day of his bail hearing. RAW. 1200 GMT


YAOUNDE: Seven French people are kidnapped in Cameroon taking the number of French nationals held captive in Africa to 15. Monitoring. TBC



VEVEY, SWITZERLAND: The world's largest food company Nestle is hit by the horsemeat scandal. Monitoring. TBC

BERLIN: German authorities announce that 24 samples out of 360 official tests carried out on meat had revealed traces of horsemeat as the scandal of horse mislabelled as beef spread across Europe. RAW. 1200 GMT

ATHENS: General strike against new austerity measures. RAW

MADRID: Spanish parliament debates state of the nation, with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy present. RAW

ROME: Portrait of Mario Monti, Italy's outgoing prime minister, who has steered the country through a disastrous economic crisis. PKG

CASTELNAUDARY, FRANCE: The European horsemeat scandal takes a fresh turn with new raids on the premises of Spanghero, the company at the heart of the scandal. RAW. TBC.

PARIS: Reactions to the kidnapping in Cameroon of seven French tourists. TBC.

PARIS: French company Danone's managers meet against a backdrop of expected heavy job cuts. TBA.

NANTES, FRANCE: French divorced fathers take to the streets to fight for their child custody rights. RAW. 1300 GMT


BAMAKO: Mali's Prime Minister Diango Cissoko says that major military operations against Islamist rebels in the country are coming to an end. Monitoring. TBC

BINDUNRA, ZIMBABWE: Robert Mugabe turns 89 . STOCKSHOTS 08H00 GMT


QUETTA, PAKISTAN: Monitoring unrest after Saturday's bomb attack. RAW. TBC

HONG KONG: Famed British artist Damien Hirst presents his most recent works of art in Hong Kong, including his iconic butterfly motifs, scalpel blades paintings and colours charts. RAW. TBA


SYRIA : Monitoring conflict. RAW. TBC.

TUNIS: Tunisia's Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali resigns after failing to form a government. Monitoring. RAW. TBC


LOS ANGELES: The Motion Picture Academy rolls out the red carpet ahead of the Oscars ceremony on Sunday. RAW. 2000 GMT

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA: John Kerry delivers first major foreign policy address as secretary of state. RAW. 2000 GMT

NEW YORK: Sony unveils its next-generation PlayStation video game console. RAW. TBA


RIO DE JANEIRO: Joint press conference given by the IOC and the local organising committee of the Rio 2016 Olympics. RAW. 2200 GMT

CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO: Ciudad Juarez, on the border between Mexico and the United States, recently had the highest murder rate in the world due to a brutal drugs war. Now businesses are reopening and life is starting afresh. But no one agrees whether the improved security situation is because the Sinaloa cartel won the turf war or whether government policies are finally working. PKG. 2000 GMT

-- SPORT --

PUY-SAINT-VINCENT, FRANCE: It's a gruelling mixture of rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, and endurance -- "ski mountaineering" has been gaining in popularity for years now, and after the recent world championships, supporters say it's now poised to enter the big time. PKG. 0300 GMT


NEW YORK: The treeing Walker Coonhound, so named for its skill at running raccoons up a tree, is a country dog. But this year it gets a sleek relook as a show breed, in its debut season with the world-famous Westminster Kennel Club. PKG. 0400 GMT

JAKARTA: Indonesia's first home for transsexual elderly people will soon be receiving government help. But discrimination, illness and poverty are still rife for the marginalised community. PKG. 0500 GMT


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