Global giant JBS to stop marketing European beef

The world's top beef processor JBS said its Belgian branch would stop marketing European meat until the scandal over horsemeat sold as beef is resolved.

The move came after food giant Nestle said it was withdrawing two types of pasta meals from supermarket shelves in Italy and Spain after traces of horsemeat were found and suspending deliveries of all products using beef supplied by German firm HJ Schypke, a subcontractor of JBS Toledo.

In a statement on its website, Brazil-based JBS said JBS Toledo, its commercial office in Belgium, "has suspended all its contracts with Schypke and will not market European meat until confidence is restored in the European beef supply chain."

JBS distanced itself from the scandal, saying: "Schypke, a traditional German manufacturer of processed meat products, is not in any way part of the JBS Group."

It said: "In this specific case, from the outset of supply, all operational and logistical processes were carried out by the German supplier who delivered the product to the final client."

It added: "No case of co-mingling of species has been identified in products produced in or at JBS factories."