Syria bomb attacks timeline

Herewith a list of the deadliest bomb attacks to hit Syria since the start of the revolt against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad on March 15, 2011.


- December 23: In the first major bomb attack since the start of the uprising, suicide bombers blow up two vehicles at security premises in Damascus, killing 44 including both civilians and security personnel.


- January 6: A suicide bomber kills 26 in the Midan neighbourhood of Damascus.

- February 10: Car bombs targeting security premises kill at least 28 in the second city of Aleppo.

- March 17: Two huge blasts in Damascus kill at least 27 people, mostly civilians. State television says they were aimed at police headquarters in the Duwar al-Jamarek area and air force intelligence offices in Al-Qasaa.

- May 10: Fifty-five people killed when two blasts hit a Damascus highway during morning rush hour, near a security premises in the Qazzaz district.

- September 9: 27 killed in an attack near Aleppo municipal stadium.

- October 3: At least 48 killed, mostly soldiers, in bomb attacks in Aleppo.

- October 8: Twin suicide bombings at an air force compound at Harasta near Damascus kill dozens, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. A security services toll denies the toll.

- November 5: A suicide car bombing near a military post in the central province of Hama kills at least 50 soldiers and pro-regime fighters.

- November 28: A double car-bombing in Jaramana near Damascus kills 54.


- January 15: 87 people killed in twin explosions at Aleppo University.

- January 16: Twin car bombs kill at least 22 in the northwestern city of Idlib.

- January 21: More than 30 people, both civilians and pro-regime militiamen, reported killed when a suicide car bomb strikes a building used by paramilitary forces in Salmiyeh, in Hama province.

- January 24: A suicide car bombing at a military intelligence headquarters in Damascus province kills 53 people, the Observatory later reports on February 1.

- February 6: At least 54 employees of an army uniform factory killed in an attack on their bus in Hama province.

- Thursday, February 21: The deadliest blast to hit Damascus since the conflict erupted kills at least 59 people when a car bomb explodes near ruling Baath party offices.