Italy finds first case of horsemeat in lasagne

A sample of a meat product is seen in a laboratory to be DNA-tested on February 19, 2013 in Berlin. Horsemeat in 'beef' dishes has now been confirmed in products found in Britain, Ireland, France, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

Italy has found its first case of horsemeat contamination in frozen lasagne produced in the same region where the famous Italian dish hails from, the ANSA news agency reported on Saturday.

The horsemeat was found in tests on six tons of mincemeat and 2,400 packages labelled as "lasagne bolognese" — literally "from Bologna" —seized from a company near the city in central Italy.

It is the first horsemeat finding in Italy since the scandal broke a few weeks ago. 

The report identified the company as "Primia" and said it had used meat from another company in Brescia in northern Italy and originally supplied by two other companies also based in Brescia.

The news comes after officials announced that no horsemeat was found in ravioli and tortellini products by Swiss food manfuacturer Nestle, after the company's products were pulled from shelves Monday for testing, Reuters reported

The tests were carried out as part of sweeping checks by police on 121 brands across the country, and authorities were continuing to do checks on beef products throughout Italy as of Saturday morning, Bloomberg Businessweek reported

Germany announced Friday that horsemeat DNA traces had been found in 67 of the 830 products tested by its consumer affairs ministry, BBC News reported; France is pushing for mandatory labeling on processed meat detailing its origins.