Final results in Italy's parliament stalemate

Italy faced political gridlock after elections on Sunday and Monday failed to produce a clear winner, with the centre-left narrowly winning the lower house but no party taking the upper house.

The four main forces in parliament are Pier Luigi Bersani's centre-left coalition, Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right grouping, the protest Five Star Movement party led by Beppe Grillo and outgoing Premier Mario Monti's centrist coalition.

Here are the final results of the elections:

Senate (upper house), total 315 seats:

- Bersani: 31.63 percent (123 seats)

- Berlusconi: 30.72 percent (117 seats)

- Grillo: 23.79 percent (54 seats)

- Monti: 9.13 percent (19 seats)

- The two remaining senators -- one from the Val d'Aosta region and the other from a vote abroad -- do not belong to either of the main groupings.

Chamber of Deputies (lower house), total 630 seats:

- Bersani: 29.54 percent (345 seats including bonus seats awarded to the victor)

- Berlusconi: 29.18 percent (125 seats)

- Grillo: 25.55 percent (109 seats)

- Monti: 10.56 percent (47 seats)

- The four remaining deputies belong to movements of Italian emigrants and one is from Val d'Aosta.