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What's happening in Europe on Sunday:

+ Swiss voters to decide on curbing pay for business fat cats

GENEVA: Switzerland holds a referendum on measures to rein in big salaries and bonuses for business leaders, especially the so-called golden parachutes for executives leaving a company. Results are expected around 1300 GMT as some voters have already cast their ballots by mail. (SWITZERLAND-REFERENDUM-BUSINESS-WAGE)


VIENNA: Two state elections in Austria, with the far-right set for a drubbing in their late leader Joerg Haider's former fiefdom of Carinthia. New party of eurosceptic Austro-Canadian auto parts billionaire Frank Stronach also standing for first time. Results around 1600-1700 GMT. (AUSTRIA-VOTE). Picture.

ATHENS: Representatives from the troika of Greece's creditors -- International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the European Central Bank -- arrive in Athens to carry out their regular audit of Greek accounts. Meetings will be held with Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras 0800 GMT (FINANCE-ECONOMY-DEBT-GREECE) Picture.

SOFIA: Bulgarian national day, expected to be marked by further protests against poverty, corruption and utility prices even after the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's government last month. (BULGARIA-POLITICS-DEMO). Picture.

MADRID: Spanish King Juan Carlos is set to undergo an operation for a slipped disc, his seventh surgery in two and a half years. (SPAIN-ROYALS-HEALTH)