Skijumping: Team success for Austria

Austria won Saturday's team event on the long hill at the Nordic World Championships at Predazzo, retaining a title they have held since 2005.

The Austrian quartet saw off Germany and Poland with Norway dropped to fourth.

The Norwegians initially placed second but were demoted two places after the race jury accepted a protest by Germany over the first leg points tallies.

1. Austria 1135.9 points

(Wolfgang Loitzl, Manuel Fettner, Thomas Morgenstern, Gregor Schlierenzauer)

2. Germany 1121.8

(Andreas Wank, Severin Freund, Michael Neumayer, Richard Freitag)

3. Poland 1121.0

(Maciej Kot, Piotr Zyla, Dawid Kubacki, Mail Stoch)

4. Norway 1117.3

5. Japan 1099.1, 6. Slovenia 1046, 7. Czech Republic 1022.1, 8. Italy 965.9, 9. Russia 498.1, 10. Switzerland 469.1, 11. Finland 430.2, 12. Kazakhstan 375.6