Clash halts Libyan gas delivery to Italy: officials

The delivery of Libyan gas to Italy via the Greenstream pipeline was halted on Sunday after a gunfight between former rebels near a gas complex in the west of the country, an official said.

"The site was evacuated as a security measure after an exchange of fire between former rebels near the complex" on Saturday, Abdelfattah Sharkan, president of the board of Millitah Oil and Gas which operates the complex, told AFP.

Millitah Oil and Gas is a joint venture between Italy's ENI and Libya's National Oil Company. The Greenstream pipeline runs from Millitah in Libya to Gela in Sicily.

"We are waiting for the ministry of defence to secure the site," Sharkan said, adding that deliveries could resume later Sunday or on Monday.

The ministry said it was awaiting the result of mediation between the armed groups before it restores order by force.

Neither the ministry not the company have elaborated on what triggered the clashes.

Italian news agency ANSA said that gas supplies were interrupted on Saturday evening following clashes between armed groups.