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What's happening in Africa on Tuesday:

+ Preliminary results in tight Kenyan elections

NAIROBI: Preliminary results from Kenya's tightly fought general elections, the first since the bloody 2007-2008 post-poll conflict and with a top presidential candidate facing a crimes against humanity trial. (KENYA-VOTE) Picture. Video. Graphics.


BAMAKO: Following after an Al-Qaeda source confirms the death of top Islamist militant Abdelhamid Abou Zeid in Mali, while the fate of another Islamist chief, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, remains uncertain. (MALI-CONFLICT) Picture. Video.

CONAKRY: Following the situation in Guinea where clashes between security forces, opposition groups, looters, vendors and youths of different ethnicities have resulted in six deaths in four days, just months before the scheduled legislative polls on May 12 which the opposition fear may get rigged. (GUINEA-POLITICS-UNREST)

PARIS: President Francois Hollande meets with Tunisia's National Constituent Assembly speaker, Mustapha Ben Jaafar. At 1700 GMT. (FRANCE-TUNISIA-DIPLOMACY)