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BEIJING: China's annual gathering of the National People's Congress opens. News coverage. RAW. TBA

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BEIJING: China targets economic growth of 7.5 percent in 2013 and marks up another double-digit rise in military spending. STOCKSHOTS. VID495639_EN (military), VID436441_EN (economy)


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NAIROBI: Results are expected after Kenya's general election. RAW. TBA

LONDON: Interview with analyst on Kenya's election result. RAW. 1500 GMT

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NAIROBI: Head of Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission (IEBC) says turnout was 'overwhelming'. RAW. VID495915_EN

GATUNDU, KENYA: Presidential candidate and ICC indictee Uhuru Kenyatta votes. RAW. VID495689_EN. VID495768_EN

NAIROBI: Presidential candidate Raila Odinga votes in Nairobi's biggest slum. RAW. VID495669_EN

NAIROBI: Thousands of Kenyans queue from before dawn in Nairobi's biggest slum Kibera. RAW. VID495650_EN. VID495683_EN

MOMBASA, KENYA: At least 12 people including six policemen are killed in clashes hours before polling stations opened in tense general election. RAW. VID495663_EN, VID495667_EN

ILNGAROOJ, KENYA: Maasai men and women vote. RAW. VID495726_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Catholic cardinals hold top-level meetings ahead of a conclave to elect a new pope after Benedict XVI's resignation. RAW. VID495886_EN, VID495887_EN



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KUALA LUMPUR: Coverage after deadly shootouts between Malaysian police and Islamic Filipino intruders in Sabah. RAW. TBC

SYDNEY: Australia's tourism industry resurrects its hugely popular "Best Jobs in the World" campaign, offering a chance to become a "Chief Funster", "Taste Master" or "Outback Adventurer". RAW. 0400 GMT

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KARACHI: Thousands of Pakistanis attend funerals for victims of a bombing that killed 48. RAW. VID495796_EN


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BRUSSELS: Myanmar President Thein Sein visits as country returns to the international fold. RAW. 1200 GMT

BRUSSELS: EU finance ministers meet. RAW. 0900 GMT

HANOVER, GERMANY: No need for keys any more, the smartphone of the future presented at CeBIT tech fair can open doors for you. RAW. 1100 GMT

HANOVER, GERMANY: The world's biggest high-tech fair, the CeBIT, kicks off, pinning its hopes on growing tech regions Asia and Africa. PKG. 2000 GMT

ATHENS: Farmers take their tractors to the Greek capital in protest against austerity cuts. RAW. 1800 GMT

GENEVA: Press day ahead of Geneva International Car Show, which runs March 7-17. RAW. 1700 GMT

BUDAPEST: Court ruling on opposition Klubradio's fight against authorities for a new frequency. FILE. TBA

ROME: A major exhibition showcasing the works of Renaissance master Titian opens. RAW. 1200 GMT

LYON, FRANCE: The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon's most iconic monument, is to reopen its doors after major reconstruction work. RAW. 2200 GMT

PARIS: French unions call for coordinated action over national job security. RAW. 1700 GMT

ANKARA: Greek PM Antonis Samara visits. RAW. TBC

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BRUSSELS: Eurozone finance ministers say a long-delayed bailout for Cyprus could be fixed within 10 days. RAW. VID495894_EN

LONDON: Queen Elizabeth II leaves hospital after being treated for gastroenteritis. RAW. VID495804_EN / FILE. VID495739_EN, VID495716_EN

LONDON: British explorer Ranulph Fiennes shows off a heavily bandaged hand as he returns home following his evacuation from Antarctica with severe frostbite. RAW. VID495759_EN

ANCENIS, FRANCE: Relatives of four Frenchmen taken hostage in Niger in September 2010 ask for channels of dialogue to be opened up. RAW. VID495834_EN

SIBERIA, RUSSIA: Search continues for 6 teenagers missing in an avalanche. RAW. VID495788_EN

MOSCOW: Sixty years after the death of Josef Stalin, Russians are still divided over the Soviet dictator's legacy. RAW. Interview with polling institute, NGO. VID495707_EN, VID495705_EN / FILE PHOTOS. VID495786_EN

BLOIS, FRANCE: President Hollande calls for tax to finance training. RAW. VID495910_EN

HANOVER, GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel inaugurates CeBIT tech fair. RAW. VID495926_EN

GENEVA: Latest model of VW Golf is crowned Car of the Year 2013 ahead of the Geneva auto show. RAW. VID495854_EN

MADRID: A design think tank in Madrid is developing an entire flat with touch-screen walls. RAW. VID495781_EN


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BAMAKO: Monitoring events in Mali. RAW. TBC

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BAMAKO: British Foreign Secretary William Hague holds a press conference after meeting Malia's president. RAW. VID495882_EN


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WASHINGTON: Final day of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC's annual conference. RAW. TBC

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WASHINGTON: Leading US AIDS expert Anthony Fauci reacts to HIV cured in a baby for the first time. RAW. VID495808_EN

WASHINGTON: Netanyahu: Iran closer to nuclear 'red line'. RAW. VID495846_EN

WASHINGTON: Biden emphasises US support of Israel. RAW. VID495852_EN

NEW YORK: Crowds mourn the expectant couple killed in a Brooklyn crash. RAW. VID495842_EN

WASHINGTON: Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, Microsoft's Bill Gates and Zara fashion house boss Amancio Ortega top the Forbes rich list. RAW / FILE. VID495900_EN, VID495903_EN


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SYRIA: Monitoring conflict. RAW. TBC

DOHA: US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Qatar. RAW. TBA

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RAQA, SYRIA: Syria rebels secure their biggest victory of the revolt. RAW. VID495839_EN

ABU DHABI: US Secretary of State John Kerry visits UAE. RAW. VID495908_EN

CAIRO: Dozens of protesters hurl stones at police officers. RAW. VID495941_EN

PORT SAID, EGYPT: Thousands take to the streets of Port Said for the funerals of three people killed in clashes. RAW. VID495827_EN

ZWARA, LIBYA: Libyan defence forces patrol outside Millitah Oil and Gas installation after the delivery of Libyan gas to Italy was halted on Sunday after a gunfight. RAW. VID495929_EN

EYAL CROSSING, ISRAEL: Israel sends special buses to fetch Palestinian labour. RAW. VID495735_EN

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PARIS: Champions League: press conference, training ahead of Wednesday's second leg, last 16 match between Valencia and PSG. RAW. 1400 GMT (PSG training) 2000 GMT (press conferences, Valencia training)

BAMIYAN, AFGHANISTAN: The road to get there may not be safe and local attacks may be at a decade high, but an annual ski race in the Hindu Kush offers Afghanistan the glimpse of a better future, organisers say. PKG. TBA

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TOKYO: IOC on-site inspection ahead of a decision on the 2020 Olympics. RAW. VID495785_EN


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BANGKOK: A cafe run by youngsters and a Thai cooking course are two initiatives helping break down barriers between Bangkok's biggest slum and the outside world. PKG. 0600 GMT

NEW YORK: The MOMA is showcasing video games and giving them a spot in their permanent collection. PKG. TBA


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