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+ Twitter hack exposes Africa's cyber weaknesses

+ New tech aims to transform homes, shopping in Spain

+ Colombia's emeralds set to sparkle in Chinese market

+ Japan's sumo wrestlers grapple with tradition

+ Egyptian women forcing a reticent society to confront "sexual terrorism"

SAfrica-hacking-security, FOCUS


Hackers have claimed the scalp of the South African Ministry of State Security's Twitter account, underlining concerns that Africa may be the soft underbelly of global cyber security.

720 words by Nicholas Przybyciel.

Spain-technology-internet-housing-architecture, FOCUS


With a flick of the wrist, residents of a futuristic home developed in Spain can browse Internet pages displayed on the living room walls, or transform the entire interior into a living beach scene. It may seem light years ahead of current "smart home" technology, but this prototype apartment is far from the realms of fantasy.

535 words by Virginie Grognou. Picture by AFP PHOTO/ HO/ THINK BIG FACTORY. Video.

Colombia-economy-mining-gems-emerald, FEATURE

MUZO, Colombia

Colombia produces more than half the world's emeralds with entire families sweating it out hoping to find the stone that will change their lives. Miners all know that the real business is in exports and China's taste for a quality product is set to make it a big buyer.

700 words by Guillermo Legaria. Picture by Guillermo Legaria. Video

Japan-sumo-society, FEATURE


As the sun rises over Tokyo, six men, naked apart from loincloths, stand on sand and stamp their feet repeatedly. Monotonous it may be. But no one ever said training to be a sumo supremo was supposed to be fun.

1000 words by Shigemi Sato. Picture by Toshifumi Kitamura.



Faced with a spike in sexual violence against female protesters, Egyptian women are overcoming stigma and recounting painful testimonies to force silent authorities and a reticent society to confront "sexual terrorism."

750 words by Ines Bel Aiba. Picture. Video