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CARACAS: Monitoring situation after the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Rolling news coverage. TBA

VARIOUS: The world reacts to Chavez's death. RAW. TBC

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CARACAS: Venezuela accuses 'enemies' of causing Chavez's cancer. RAW. VID496299_EN

CARACAS: Venezuela's Chavez dies.

- VP Nicolas Maduro's announcement. RAW. VID496325_EN

- Reax from supporters. RAW. VID496333_EN

- Chavez profile. PKG. NSV - VID477082_EN / VOICED - VID477083_EN

- File of Chavez. FILE. VID474824_EN, VID483256_EN, FILE PHOTOS. VID480313_EN, VID492759_EN (cancer treatment file)

- Prayers at hospital where Chavez received treatment. RAW. VID496149_EN


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NAIROBI/LONDON: Kenyans await results with Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga the front runners. RAW. TBC / RAW. Analyst TBC


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UNITED NATIONS: US calls for 'next level' sanctions on N. Korea. RAW. VID496164_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi holds press conference after third day of meetings between the cardinals who will announce date for conclave. RAW. 1400 GMT

VATICAN CITY: Mass prayers at St Peter's. RAW. 1800 GMT

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VATICAN CITY: Sistine chapel is being prepared for conclave, cardinals sent telegram of thanks to former pope. RAW. VID496158_EN



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TOKYO: Shares in struggling Sharp jump after reports that Samsung is planning to become its biggest foreign shareholder. RAW/FILE. TBA

TAIPEI: Images of Taiwan's controversial new fourth nuclear power plant, as international experts run safety checks on the country's three other nuclear plants. RAW. 0500 GMT

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YANGON: Preparation ahead of the first-ever national congress of Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy. RAW. VID496345_EN

KABUL: A special court jails two senior executives for five years for a multi-million-dollar fraud that caused the collapse of the Kabul Bank in 2010. RAW. VID496132_EN


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MOSCOW: Inquiry into acid attack on Bolshoi director Sergei Filin draws to a close after three arrests. Monitoring. TBC

BRUSSELS: Israeli President Shimon Peres meets Herman Van Rompuy. RAW. 1400 GMT

WARSAW: Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel in Warsaw for summit of Visegrad Group (Hungary, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia). RAW 1800 GM

HANOVER, GERMANY: Day three of the high-tech CeBIT fair. RAW 1200 GMT

GENEVA: Coverage of 83rd International Car Show. RAW. TBC

LILLE, FRANCE: Contemporary art fair opens in Lille. RAW. TBA

MADRID: New Pedro Almodovar film "Los amantes pasajeros", photo-call. RAW 1400 GMT

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LONDON: European stocks post strong gains after the US Fed reaffirms its aggressive stimulus policy. STOCKSHOTS. VID478885_EN

MOSCOW: Russian Communists and their supporters lay flowers at Stalin's tomb on 60th anniversary of his death. RAW. VID496051_EN

ATHENS: More than 2,000 Greek farmers rally to demand lower taxes. RAW. VID496187_EN

HANOVER, GERMANY: The world's biggest high-tech fair, the CeBIT, kicks off offering a host of new gadgets. PKG. NSV - VID496172_EN / VOICED - VID496173_EN

GENEVA: Mitsubishi boss says they expect European market to pick up in 2013. RAW. VID496169_EN

LONDON: Early signs of Spring hit the British capital with the warmest day of the year so far. RAW. VID496254_EN

VARNA, BULGARIA: People pay respect to young man who set himself on fire in protest at corruption. RAW. VID496189_EN

BUDAPEST: Hungary's opposition station Klubradio wins a fresh legal victory after a court overrules a new attempt by the government-friendly media authority to block it. FILE. VID495863_EN

PARIS: French unions call for coordinated action over job security. RAW. VID496161_EN


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BAMAKO: Monitoring the conflict. RAW. TBC

BENONI, SOUTH AFRICA: Memorial service for Mido Macia, a Mozambican killed after being dragged behind a South African police van. RAW 1400 GMT

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IFOGHAS MOUNTAINS, MALI: Photo of a body presented as that of Islamist militant Abou Zeid. PHOTO. VID496235_EN

IFOGHAS MOUNTAINS, MALI: Passport of a dead French hostage found in Mali. PHOTO. VID496259_EN

AMETETTAI VALLEY, MALI: French troops discover a massive arms cache in the Mali desert. RAW. VID496136_EN

GAO, MALI: Young people are once again playing basketball in the former "Sharia Square" in Gao which was once used for public beatings and executions. RAW. VID495112_EN


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SYRIA: Following conflict. RAW. TBC

PORT SAID, EGYPT: Monitoring situation following clashes between protesters and police. RAW. TBC

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PORT SAID, EGYPT: Fresh clashes break out between police and protesters. RAW. VID496276_EN

CAIRO: Faced with a spike in sexual violence against female protesters, Egyptian women are overcoming stigma and recounting painful testimonies to force silent authorities and a reticent society to confront "sexual terrorism." PKG. NSV - VID495174_EN / VOICED - VID495175_EN

DUBAI: Saudi billionaire accuses Forbes of undervaluing fortune. FILE. VID496181_EN


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DENVER: Colorado is grappling with how to make good on its election commitment to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. PKG. 0500 GMT

WASHINGTON: Heavy snowfall expected on the East Coast of the US. RAW. TBC

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NEW YORK: The Dow Jones Industrial Average surges to a new all-time high. RAW. VID496134_EN, VID496313_EN. STOCKSHOTS. VID485076_EN

WASHINGTON: Israeli defense minister is Hagel's first guest at Pentagon. RAW. VID496177_EN


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BUENOS AIRES: Argentine rights trial spotlights military abuses. RAW. VID496165_EN (images) / VID496252_EN (soundbites)

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TOKYO: International Olympic Committee evaluation commission members continue their on-site inspection in 2020 Games candidate Tokyo. RAW. 0500 GMT

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PARIS: Football: Valverde believes in Valencia chances. RAW. VID496287_EN

PARIS: Football: Europe will bring out best in PSG, says Silva. RAW. VID496273_EN (presser) / RAW. VID496148_EN (PSG training)


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LAGOS, NIGERIA: Many Lagosians are dependent on generators for their electricity but these are expensive to run and sometimes cause deadly accidents. A group of Nigerian schoolgirls have come up with an environmentally sustainable way over running these generators, using urine. PKG. 0600


NEW YORK: Since when did Pac-Man become high art? After a ground-breaking Smithsonian exhibition, the MoMA in New York is now showcasing video games -- and giving them a spot in their permanent collection. PKG. NSV - VID496290_EN / VOICED - VID496291_EN


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