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BEIJING: China targets economic growth of 7.5 percent in 2013 and marks up another double-digit rise in military spending at the National People's Congress.

- images of congress proceedings. RAW. VID495957_EN. VID495964_EN

- soundbites from PM Wen Jiabao. RAW. VID495970_EN. VID495974_EN

- images around Beijing. RAW. VID495992_EN

- stock shots. STOCKSHOTS. VID495639_EN (military). VID436441_EN (economy)


Filed over past 12 hours:

CARACAS: Hugo Chavez's breathing has worsened due to a new infection, govt says. RAW. VID495951_EN

Still available:

CARACAS: File of President Chavez. FILE. VID474824_EN


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NAIROBI: Results are trickling in after the general election. RAW. TBA

Still available:

NAIROBI: Head of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) says turnout was 'overwhelming'. RAW. VID495915_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi gives an update on preparations for the papal conclave. RAW. 1500 GMT

Still available:

VATICAN CITY: Catholic cardinals hold top-level meetings ahead of the conclave. RAW. VID495886_EN, VID495887_EN



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BRUSSELS: Press conference following EU finance ministers' meeting to discuss controversial curbs on bankers' bonuses. RAW. TBA

BRUSSELS: Myanmar President Thein Sein visits as country returns to the international fold. RAW. 1200 GMT

HANOVER, GERMANY: No need for keys any more, the smartphone of the future presented at CeBIT tech fair can open doors for you. RAW. 1100 GMT

HANOVER, GERMANY: The world's biggest high-tech fair, the CeBIT, kicks off offering a host of new gadgets which have been in development for years. PKG. 2000 GMT

GENEVA: Press day ahead of Geneva International Car Show, which runs March 7-17. RAW. TBA. 1700 GMT (interview with Renault chief)

ATHENS: Farmers protest in Greek capital against austerity cuts. RAW. 1800 GMT

BUDAPEST: New court decision over Hungary's opposition Klubradio's fight against authorities for a new frequency. FILE. 1500 GMT

ROME: A major exhibition showcasing the works of Renaissance master Titian opens. RAW. 1200 GMT

LYON, FRANCE: The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon's most iconic monument, is to reopen its doors after major reconstruction work. RAW. 2200 GMT

PARIS: French unions call for coordinated action over national job security. RAW. 1700 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

BRUSSELS: EU finance ministers meet to discuss controversial curbs on bankers' bonuses. RAW. VID496005_EN (arrivals)

MOSCOW: Police detain suspect in Bolshoi ballet director acid attack. FILE. VID484147_EN

SWITZERLAND: Luxury cars are out in force at the Geneva auto show. RAW. VID496010_EN

PARIS: Defence minister comments on Mali operation, reported death of Islamist Abou Zeid and fate of French hostages. RAW. VID496003_EN. VID496004_EN

MOSCOW: Sixty years after the death of Josef Stalin, Russians are still divided over the Soviet dictator's legacy. RAW. Interview with polling institute, NGO. VID495707_EN. VID495705_EN / FILE PHOTOS. VID495786_EN


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KUALA LUMPUR: Coverage after deadly shootouts between Malaysian police and Islamic Filipino intruders in Sabah. RAW. TBA

JAKARTA: Indonesian police say they will question dozens of anti-terror officers over the alleged torture of militants after a video posted on YouTube showed a suspect being shot and others abused. RAW. TBC

KABUL: A special court sentences two senior executives to five years in jail for a multi-million-dollar fraud that caused the collapse of the Kabul Bank in 2010. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

SYDNEY: Australia's tourism industry resurrects its hugely popular "Best Jobs in the World" campaign, offering a chance to become a "Chief Funster", "Taste Master" or "Outback Adventurer". RAW. VID495953_EN


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DOHA: US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Qatar. RAW. TBC

PORT SAID, EGYPT: Monitoring events after fresh clashes between police and protesters. RAW. TBA

SYRIA: Monitoring conflict. RAW. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

CAIRO: Dozens of protesters hurl stones at police officers. RAW. VID495941_EN


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BAMAKO: Monitoring events in Mali. RAW. TBC


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WASHINGTON: Final day of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC's annual conference. RAW. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

WASHINGTON: Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, Microsoft's Bill Gates and Zara fashion house boss Amancio Ortega top the Forbes rich list. FILE. VID495900_EN

-- SPORT --

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PARIS: Champions League: press conference, training ahead of Wednesday's second leg, last 16 match between Valencia and PSG. RAW. 1400 GMT (PSG training) 2000 GMT (press conferences, Valencia training)

Filed over past 12 hours:

BAMIYAN, AFGHANISTAN: The road to get there may not be safe and local attacks may be at a decade high, but an annual ski race in the Hindu Kush offers Afghanistan the glimpse of a better future, organisers say. PKG. NSV - VID495947_EN / VOICED - VID495948_EN


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NEW YORK: Since when did Pac-Man become high art? After a ground-breaking Smithsonian exhibition, the MOMA in New York is now showcasing video games -- and giving them a spot in their permanent collection. PKG. 2300 GMT


BANGKOK: A cafe run by youngsters and a Thai cooking course are two initiatives helping break down barriers between Bangkok's biggest slum and the outside world. PKG. NSV - VID495709_EN / VOICED - VID495710_EN

BAMIYAN, AFGHANISTAN: The road to get there may not be safe and local attacks may be at a decade high, but an annual ski race in the Hindu Kush offers Afghanistan the glimpse of a better future, organisers say. PKG. NSV - VID495947_EN / VOICED - VID495948_EN


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