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CARACAS: Venezuelans react to news of President Chavez's death. RAW. TBC.

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CARACAS: Chavez profile: NSV. VID477082_EN / VOICED. VID477083_EN

CARACAS: VP Nicolas Maduro announces Chavez's death. FILE: VID474824_EN / FILE PHOTOS. VID480313_EN

CARACAS: VP Nicolas Maduro accuses Venezuela's "historic enemies" of being behind Chavez's cancer, expels US embassy military official for conspiracy. RAW. VID496299_EN

CARACAS: Venezuelans pray in military hospital where Chavez received treatment. RAW. VID496149_EN


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NEW YORK: Dow Jones Industrial Average surges to a new all-time high at the start of trading. RAW. VID496134_EN (opening bell). RAW. VID496313_EN / STOCKSHOTS. VID485076_EN

LONDON: European stocks post strong gains after the US Fed reaffirms its aggressive stimulus policy. STOCKSHOTS. VID478885_EN


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MOSCOW: Police detain suspects in Bolshoi ballet director acid attack. FILE. VID484147_EN. FILE PHOTOS of suspect. VID496080_EN


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NAIROBI: Results are trickling in after the general election. RAW. TBA

LONDON: Kenya expert comments on election so far. RAW. 1900 GMT

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NAIROBI: Running mate to presidential candidate Raila Odinga says they are confident as results trickle in. RAW. VID496111_EN

NAIROBI: Residents in Kibera, Nairobi's biggest slum, say they are ready to accept outcome of Kenyan election. RAW. VID496102_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Sistine chapel is being prepared for conclave, cardinals sent telegramme of thanks to former pope: Vatican spokesman. RAW. VID496158_EN

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VATICAN CITY: Catholic cardinals hold top-level meetings ahead of the conclave. RAW. VID495886_EN, VID495887_EN



Attention clients: we are no longer able to provide coverage of the reopening of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere in Lyon, France. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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MOSCOW: Russian Communists and their supporters lay flowers at Stalin's tomb on 60th anniversary of his death. RAW. VID496051_EN

BRUSSELS: EU finance ministers meet to discuss controversial curbs on bankers' bonuses. RAW. VID496005_EN (arrivals) VID496055_EN (round table)

GENEVA: Luxury cars are out in force at the Geneva auto show. RAW. VID496010_EN

GENEVA: Chinese automotive brand Qoros presents its first series production vehicle, the Qoros 3 Sedan. RAW. VID496122_EN

GENEVA: Renault boss admits the European car market has started badly in 2013, defends diesel. RAW. VID496035_EN

GENEVA: Mitsubishi boss says they expect European market to pick up in 2013. RAW. VID496169_EN

HANOVER, GERMANY: No need for keys any more, the smartphone of the future presented at CeBIT tech fair can open doors for you. RAW. VID496020_EN

HANOVER, GERMANY: The world's biggest high-tech fair, the CeBIT, kicks off offering a host of new gadgets. PKG. NSV - VID496172_EN / VOICED - VID496173_EN

BRUSSELS: Myanmar President Thein Sein meets EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso as country returns to the international fold. RAW. VID496066_EN

VARNA, BULGARIA: A hundred candles and a mountain of flowers block entrance to Varna's city hall as people pay respect to young man who set himself on fire in protest at corruption. RAW. VID496189_EN

LONDON: Early signs of Spring hit the British capital with the warmest day of the year so far. RAW. VID496254_EN

ATHENS: More than 2,000 Greek farmers rally to demand lower taxes, arguing that the rising cost of fuel and electricity is driving them to ruin. RAW. VID496187_EN

BUDAPEST: Hungary's opposition station Klubradio wins a fresh legal victory after a court overrules a new attempt by the government-friendly media authority to block it. FILE. VID495863_EN

BRUSSELS: Belgian finance minister Steven Vanackere resigns. FILE PHOTOS. VID496029_EN

ROME: A major exhibition showcasing the works of Renaissance master Titian opens. RAW. VID496084_EN

PARIS: French unions call for coordinated action over job security. RAW. VID496161_EN


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DOHA: US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Qatar. RAW. TBC

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PORT SAID, EGYPT: Fresh clashes break out between police and protesters as tensions still high over death sentences for football fans over deadly rioting. RAW. VID496276_EN

DUBAI: Saudi billionaire accuses Forbes of undervaluing fortune. FILE. VID496181_EN

GAZA CITY, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Reactions after Gaza's third international marathon was cancelled following a Hamas ruling barring women. RAW. VID496089_EN

DAMASCUS: Syrian officials hand over missing German journalist Billy Six. RAW. VID496098_EN


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BUENOS AIRES: Trial opens of former junta leaders for kidnappings and murders committed during the so-called Plan Condor or "dirty war" of the 1970s and 1980s. RAW. VID496165_EN / VID496252_EN


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IFOGHAS MOUNTAINS, MALI: Photo of a body presented as that of Islamist militant Abou Zeid. PHOTO. VID496235_EN

IFOGHAS MOUNTAINS, MALI: Passport of a dead French hostage found in Mali. PHOTO. VID496259_EN

JOHANNESBURG: The family of sprinter Oscar Pistorius, who is charged with murdering his girlfriend, reject his father's assertion that South Africa's high crime rate warrants gun ownership. FILE. VID492020_EN

AMETETTAI VALLEY, MALI: French troops discover massive arms cache in Mali desert. RAW. VID496136_EN

GAO, MALI: Young people are once again playing basketball in the former "Sharia Square" in Gao, northern Mali, which was once used for public beatings and executions. RAW. VID495112_EN (refile with text story)


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NEW YORK: US ambassador to UN calls for 'next level' of sanctions on N. Koreans diplomats and on "illicit" cash transfers. RAW. VID496164_EN

WASHINGTON: New defense secretary Chuck Hagel receives first guest -- Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak. RAW. VID496177_EN


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KABUL: A special court jails two senior executives for five years for a multi-million-dollar fraud that caused the collapse of the Kabul Bank in 2010. RAW. VID496132_EN

POSO, INDONESIA: Indonesian police say they will question dozens of anti-terror officers over the alleged torture of militants after a video posted on YouTube showed a suspect being shot and others abused. RAW. VID495983_EN

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PARIS: Champions League: press conference, training ahead of Wednesday's second leg, last 16 match between Valencia and PSG. RAW. VID496148_EN (PSG training) 0000 GMT (press conferences, Valencia training)

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GAZA CITY, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Reactions after Gaza's third international marathon was cancelled following a Hamas ruling barring women. RAW. VID496089_EN



NEW YORK: Since when did Pac-Man become high art? After a ground-breaking Smithsonian exhibition, the MOMA in New York is now showcasing video games -- and giving them a spot in their permanent collection. PKG. NSV. VID496290_EN / VOICED. VID496291_EN

BANGKOK: A cafe run by youngsters and a Thai cooking course are two initiatives helping break down barriers between Bangkok's biggest slum and the outside world. PKG. NSV - VID495709_EN / VOICED - VID495710_EN

BAMIYAN, AFGHANISTAN: The road to get there may not be safe and local attacks may be at a decade high, but an annual ski race in the Hindu Kush offers Afghanistan the glimpse of a better future, organisers say. PKG. NSV - VID495947_EN / VOICED - VID495948_EN


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