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CARACAS: Monitoring preparations ahead of Hugo Chavez's funeral on Friday. RAW. TBA

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CARACAS: Chavez's coffin arrives at the Military Academy, where he will lie in state until Friday's funeral. VID496696_EN and VID496693_EN

CARACAS: VP Nicolas Maduro, Speaker Diosdado Cabello and Bolivian President Evo Morales lead procession through the streets of Caracas. RAW. VID496652_EN

CARACAS: Chavez supporters accompany his coffin to the military academy. RAW VID496646_EN (images and soundbites), VID496606_EN (images)

CARACAS: Chavez supporters mourn in front of the military hospital. RAW. VID496489_EN

CARACAS: Front pages of Venezuelan newspapers. RAW. VID496470_EN

MOSCOW: Russian foreign ministry hails Chavez as "true and sincere friend". RAW. VID496552_EN

PARIS: Hugo Chavez leaves behind "the image of a very charismatic leader" according to one analyst. RAW. VID4965635_EN


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DAMASCUS: Syrian rebels seize 21 UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights. RAW. TBC

DUBAI: Doctors Without Borders holds a press conference on the deteriorating humanitarian and medical situation in Syria. RAW. TBA

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JAMLA, SYRIA: Amateur videos are released showing rebel Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade claiming the capture of UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights. Images. RAW. VID496671_EN

RAS AL AIN, SYRIA: Arab anti-regime rebels and Kurdish militias in northern Syria join forces against troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. RAW. VID496640_EN

LONDON: Oxfam urges donors to give more for relief of Syrian refugees. RAW. VID496562_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi holds press conference after fourth day of meetings between the cardinals who will announce date for conclave. RAW. 1400 GMT

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VATICAN CITY: Vatican spokesman says no date has been set yet for conclave. RAW. VID496535_EN

VATICAN CITY: Time-lapse sequences of St Peter's Square and St Peter's Basilica. RAW. VID496400_EN

VATICAN CITY: A first glimpse of retired 'pope emeritus' Benedict XVI is published in an Italian gossip magazine. RAW. VID496523_EN


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BRUSSELS: EU fines Microsoft for failing to provide customers with a choice of Internet browser as promised. RAW. VID496507_EN / STOCKSHOTS. VID438275_EN


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NAIROBI: Monitoring situation following Kenyan elections. RAW. TBC



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TOKYO: Bank of Japan governor Masaaki Shirakawa holds news conference, possibly his last before stepping down. RAW. TBA

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FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI, JAPAN: Two years after the nuclear disaster that struck northeast Japan, TEPCO, the operator of the crippled Fukushima plant opens the contaminated site to journalists. FILE. VID496707_EN


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ATHENS: Golden Dawn MP and spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris goes on trial in connection with the mugging of a student in 2007. RAW. 1000 GMT

PARIS: Writer, French Resistance hero and activist St├ęphane Hessel is buried in Montparnasse cemetery. RAW. 1300 GMT

DEAUVILLE, FRANCE: Deauville Asian film festival kicks off with homage to Japanese director Sion Sono. RAW. 2300 GMT

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MOSCOW: A celebrated Bolshoi dancer confesses to ordering an acid attack on artistic director Sergei Filin. RAW. VID496502_EN

WARSAW: Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia vow to cooperate more closely on defence. RAW. VID496644_EN

PARIS: France to release fourth quarter unemployment figures. STOCKSHOTS. VID470433_EN

GENEVA: Ferrari unveils new hybrid supercar -- "LaFerrari" -- with an electric engine at the Geneva Motor Show. RAW. VID496448_EN, RAW. VID496590_EN (SUVs),VID496610_EN (luxury)


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BAMAKO: Monitoring the conflict. RAW. TBC

GAO, MALI: Radio presenters are back on the airwaves spreading messages of reconciliation after the ousting of Islamist militants. PKG. 1300 GMT

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LA VALBONNE, FRANCE: Clashes between French troops and Islamist fighters near Gao in eastern Mali leave one French soldier and around ten rebels dead. RAW. VID496658_EN

DIRE DAWA, ETHIOPIA: A new Chinese-built railway is replacing the line built by a French company at the turn of the 20th century. RAW. VID496543_EN


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CAIRO/PORT SAID: Egypt's ongoing political crisis takes on a new dimension after a court ordered the cancellation of legislative elections. RAW. 1200 GMT

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PORT SAID, EGYPT: Renewed clashes between protestors and police. RAW. VID496522_EN

RABAT: Defenders of women's rights in Morocco are taking their fight against the country's penal code to the next level. PKG. NSV - VID496527_EN / VOICED - VID496528_EN


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NEW YORK: Abu Hamza, the one-eyed, hook-handed Islamist preacher extradited from Britain, gets a pre-trial hearing in New York, where he faces 11 terrorism-related charges. RAW. TBC

WASHINGTON: The Senate Judiciary Committee votes on bipartisan gun safety measures. FILE. 0600 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook presents an updated version of its 'wall'. RAW. TBA

NEW YORK: Closing arguments in the controversial 'cannibal cop' trial. RAW. TBC

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WASHINGTON: Heavy snowfall blankets US. RAW. VID496526_EN

NEW YORK: The Dow pushes to fresh highs one day after all-time record. RAW. VID496679_EN


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RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil's unions march for a shorter working week. RAW. VID496637_EN

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PARIS: Football: PSG through to last eight after Valencia scare. RAW. VID496691_EN


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MODLIN, POLAND: Warsaw's second airport, located at Modlin, has been closed since December 22 to the great embarrassment of the Polish authorities as the airport was built specially for Euro 2012. PKG. 1200 GMT

LOS ANGELES: Artist Ramiro Gomez wants wealthy Los Angeles residents to take notice of the armies of Latino workers who labour to maintain their lifestyle. PKG. 0500 GMT


BEIJING: Artist Liu Yi is a rare example of a member of China's Han ethnic majority taking up the Tibetan cause, a project that has finally brought the authorities to his door. RAW. VID495660_EN

SHILONG, INDIA: India's only surviving matrilineal tradition, which only allows daughters to inherit property and requires all descendants to adopt their mother's family name, is facing a challenge from a men's rights group fighting to overthrow the system. PKG. NSV - VID496353_EN / VOICED - VID496354_EN


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