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What's happening around the world on Friday:


+ World leaders gather for funeral of Hugo Chavez

+ UN scrambles to free peacekeepers abducted in Syria

+ Monitoring N. Korea reaction after fresh UN sanctions

CARACAS: World leaders attend funeral of Hugo Chavez, whose death leaves Venezuela facing new elections just months after he won a new term. Ceremony due to start at 1430 GMT(VENEZUELA-POLITICS-CHAVEZ)

DAMASCUS: Syrian rebels continue holding 21 UN peacekeepers patrolling the sensitive armistice line with Israel, defying a chorus of international condemnation and calls for their release (SYRIA-CONFLICT)

SEOUL: Monitoring North Korea reaction after UN Security Council slammed tough new sanctions on Pyongyang amid escalating tensions as the isolated regime threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States (NKOREA-NUCLEAR-MILITARY-UN)


MILAN: Italian prosecutors present their sentence requests in Silvio Berlusconi's trial where he is accused of having sex with an underage prostitute and for the abuse of power. Starts at 0900 GMT. (ITALY-POLITICS-SEX-TRIAL-BERLUSCONI)

NAIROBI: Possible announcement of Kenyan presidential election results after days of delay and allegations of vote-rigging (KENYA-VOTE)

YANGON: Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party holds its first national congress, cementing its new place in Myanmar's political mainstream as it aims to sweep to power in 2015. Starts 0230 GMT (MYANMAR-POLITICS-OPPOSITION)

KUALA LUMPUR: Reporting in state of Sabah after Malaysia rejected a ceasefire offer by a self-proclaimed Filipino sultan whose followers have invaded to press a territorial claim (MALAYSIA-PHILIPPINES-CRIME-SECURITY-ISLAM)

VATICAN CITY: Catholic cardinals continue debates on the multiple challenges facing the Church starting at 0830 GMT ahead of a conclave to elect Benedict XVI's successor (VATICAN-RELIGION-POPE)

MOSCOW: Following developments in the Bolshoi acid attack case after one of the theatre's leading dancers Pavel Dmitrichenko was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to artistic director Sergei Filin after ordering an assault on him (RUSSIA-BALLET-CRIME-ENTERTAINMENT)

WASHINGTON: The Labor Department releases its February jobs report, expected to show the US unemployment rate was 7.9 percent for the second straight month and the country added a modest 165,000 jobs. 1530 GMT. Expect coverage (US-ECONOMY-UNEMPLOYMENT)