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UNITED NATIONS: UN Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea. RAW. VID496846_EN


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NAIROBI: News coverage as Kenyan presidential election results continue to come in after days of delay and allegations of vote-rigging. RAW. TBA

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NAIROBI: Election commission says there is a "vigorous verification process" to prevent the doctoring of results of the election results. RAW. VID496791_EN

THE HAGUE/NAIROBI: The ICC postpones presidential election frontrunner Uhuru Kenyatta's trial on charges of crimes against humanity until July. FILE. VID496875_EN

NAIROBI: Raila Odinga's running mate alleges votes "doctored" in presidential election. RAW. VID496737_EN

NAIROBI: Frustration is growing at the delay in releasing results of the presidential election. RAW. VID496834_EN


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BAMIYAN, AFGHANISTAN: A look at women's rights in Afghanistan to mark International Women's Day. PKG. 1000 GMT

RIO DE JANEIRO: Graffiti artist Panmela Castro hopes to promote feminist ideas with her work in Rio's streets. RAW. TBC

LA PAZ: Bolivia is suffering from an epidemic of violence against women, activists say, with 120 women murdered in 2012. PKG. 2200 GMT

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VATICAN CITY: An excommunicated female priest has protested at the Vatican, calling on the Catholic Church to rethink its policy on ordaining women. RAW. VID496934_EN

MOSCOW: The women's activists Femen and Pussy Riot have achieved fame -- or perhaps infamy -- around the world for their provocative protests. But is there more to the Ukrainian and Russian groups than mere shock tactics? PKG. NSV - VID496860_EN / VOICED - VID496861_EN

RABAT: Defenders of women's rights in Morocco seek to ban child marriage. PKG. NSV - VID496527_EN / VOICED - VID496528_EN

SHILLONG, INDIA: As India faces a storm of criticism over its treatment of women, the far-flung state of Meghalaya has turned into a staging ground for a men's rights movement, fighting to overthrow an ancient matrilineal tradition. PKG. NSV - VID496353_EN / VOICED - VID496354_EN


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CARACAS: News coverage following announcement that the coffin of Hugo Chavez will lie in state for at least another seven days. RAW. TBA

WASHINGTON: Expert interview on US-Venezuela relationship under Chavez and in future. RAW. TBC

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SAO PAULO: Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva reacts to the death of his friend and ally Hugo Chavez. RAW. VID496905_EN

CARACAS: Supporters pay their last respects to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is lying in state in the Military Academy. RAW. VID496916_EN (photos) / VID496903_EN (images) / VID496944_EN (soundbites), VID496971_EN (wide shots of crowd), VID496967_EN (images and soundbites of people queuing), VID497011_EN (Heads of state arriving for funeral), VID497003_EN (Nicolas Maduro announcing Chavez will be embalmed)

CARACAS: Controversy brews over where to bury Hugo Chavez. RAW. VID426900_EN

HAVANA: Raul Castro takes part in a tribute ceremony for Hugo Chavez. RAW VID496950_EN (images) VID496991_EN (soundbites)

HAVANA: Homage to Hugo Chavez planned in Havana's Revolution Square and cities across Cuba. RAW. VID497007_EN (images) / VID497028_EN (soundbites)



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YANGON: Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy holds its first-ever national congress. RAW. TBA

MANILA: Malaysia rejects a ceasefire offer by a self-proclaimed Filipino sultan whose followers have invaded to press a territorial claim. RAW. TBC

HONG KONG: Sun Hung Kai Properties co-chairmen Raymond and Thomas Kwok, among the wealthiest men in Asia, to appear in court on corruption charges. RAW. TBC


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WASHINGTON: US unemployment numbers are published. FILE. 0500 GMT

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WASHINGTON: US Senate confirms John Brennan as CIA director. FILE. VID479704_EN

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA: Senate Judiciary Committee votes on bipartisan gun safety measures. FILE. VID482445_EN

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA: Facebook presents an updated version of its news feed. RAW. VID496965_EN


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BAMAKO/GAO, MALI: French Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian holds news conference in Malian capital. RAW. 1600 GMT / Further news coverage TBC

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LAGOS: Nigeria's railway line between Lagos and Kano has reopened after being defunct for decades. RAW. VID496880_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Monitoring events as cardinals prepare for the conclave to elect the next pope. RAW. TBC

PARIS: Israeli President Shimon Peres meets French counterpart Francois Hollande for talks. RAW. 1700 GMT

LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron's former communications director Andy Coulson and a former Rupert Murdoch aide, charged with making illegal payments to public officials, appear in court for preliminary hearing. RAW. TBA

DEAUVILLE, FRANCE: Chinese director Wong Kar Wai is the guest of honour at the Asian Film Festival in Deauville. RAW. 2300 GMT

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VATICAN CITY: The Vatican says cardinals have not yet decided on a start date for a conclave to elect a new pope. RAW. VID496838_EN

ATHENS: A senior lawmaker in Greece's neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is acquitted of involvement in a 2007 armed robbery. RAW. VID496836_EN

PARIS: A service of remembrance is held for French resistance hero and latter-day activist St├ęphane Hessel. RAW. VID496858_EN

DEAUVILLE, FRANCE: Deauville Asian film festival kicks off with homage to Japanese director Sono Sion. RAW. VID496980_EN

VALLETTA: Malta holds legislative election on Saturday. STOCKSHOTS. VID495025_EN


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DAMASCUS: Syrian rebels continue holding 21 UN peacekeepers patrolling the sensitive armistice line with Israel. RAW. TBC

PORT SAID, EGYPT: Tracking latest after fresh clashes erupt between police and protesters in Port Said. RAW. TBA

TUNIS: Prime minister-designate Ali Larayedh faces a Friday-night deadline as he struggles to form a new government. RAW. TBC

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SYRIA: A video posted on the Internet shows footage of UN peacekeepers held hostage by Syrian rebels. RAW. VID496857_EN

SYRIA-LEBANON BORDER: Dozens of Syrian refugees who fled neighbouring Lebanon cross the border after the Syrian government called on its citizens to return home. RAW. VID496918_EN

ZAATARI CAMP, JORDAN: One million Syrians have fled their homeland since the revolt erupted two years ago. RAW. VID496870_EN

DOMEEZ REFUGEE CAMP, IRAQ: Nearly 50,000 Syrian refugees struggle with difficult conditions. RAW. VID496754_EN

PORT SAID, EGYPT: Clashes resume in Egypt's Port Said. RAW. VID497037_EN

JERUSALEM: Iconic men's magazine Playboy hits the streets of Israel in Hebrew for the first time. RAW. VID496844_EN


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FALKLANDS: File images of the islands ahead of the referendum vote on Sunday and Monday. RAW. VID496898_EN

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DUBLIN: Coverage of France training and news conference ahead of their Six Nations clash with Ireland. RAW. TBA


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ISLAMABAD: Increasing numbers of Pakistanis are choosing to take up Mandarin as China's influence grows. PKG. 0500 GMT

HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY: It's still Prohibition in parts of America. Hundreds of towns maintain so-called blue laws on their books that ban the sale and purchase of alcohol. While that doesn't hold drinkers back, it does give towns like Haddonfield in rural New Jersey a distinct local flavor. PKG. 0500 GMT


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