List of new Tunisia cabinet

Premier-designate Ali Larayedh unveiled on Friday a new government for Tunisia, with independents given key posts in a clear concession by his Islamist Ennahda party.

The following is the line-up of the new cabinet, which must still be ratified by parliament.

Prime Minister: Ali Larayedh (Ennahda)

Government Minister for Political Affairs: Noureddine Bhiri (Ennahda)

Government Minister for Economic Affairs: Ridha Saidi (Ennahda)

Governance and Anti-Corruption Affairs Minister: Abderrahmane Ladgham (Ettakatol)

Interior Minister: Lotfi Ben Jeddou (independent)

Foreign Minister: Othmane Jarandi (independent)

Defence Minister: Rachid Sabagh (independent)

Justice Minister: Nadhir Ben Ammou (independent)

Finance Minister: Ilyes Fakhfakh (Ettakatol)

Tourism Minister: Jamel Ghamra (independent)

Labour Minister: Naoufel Jammeli (independent)

Industry Minister: Mehdi Jomaa (independent)

Commerce Minister: Abdelwaheb Maatar (Congress for the Republic)

Transport Minister: Abdelkarim Harouni (Ennahda)

Communications and Technology Minister: Mongi Marzouk (independent)

Environment Minister: Mohamed Salmene (independent)

International Cooperation and Development Minister: Lamine Doghri (independent)

State Property Minister: Slim Ben Hmidane (Congress for the Republic)

Agriculture Minister: Mohamed Ben Salem (Ennahda)

Social Affairs Minister: Khalil Zaouia (Ettakatol)

Health Minister: Abdelatif Mekki (Ennahda)

Youth and Sports Minister: Tarek Dhiab (independent)

Culture Minister: Mehdi Mabrouk (independent)

Family and Women Affairs Minister: Sihem Badi (Congress for the Republic)

Higher Education Minister: Moncef Ben Salem (Ennahda)

Education Minister: Salem Labyadh (independent)

Religious Affairs Minister: Nourredine El Khadmi (independent)

Human Rights Minister: Samir Dilou (Ennahda)

In addition there are 10 ministers of state