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Three man-eating lions killed in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe wildlife authorities on Friday said rangers killed three lions that attacked and killed two people this week in a resort town.

Authorities had been warning people in Kariba -- 365 kilometres (227 miles) northwest of the capital Harare -- to avoid travelling on foot at night and stop using foot paths that cut across thickets.

"Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has managed to kill all three problem lions," Caroline Washaya-Moyo, spokeswoman for the parks authority, told AFP.

Washaya-Moyo said two of the lions were killed Thursday while another one was shot Friday morning.

One of the lions had a wire snare wound around its neck, which may have been the reason why the animals turned to hunting humans.

"We suspect that the lion targeted humans since its ability to hunt had been compromised as a result of the wire snare," she said.

"This further shows that there was an intention to hunt the lion illegally."

"Illegally hunting a lion attracts a $20,000 compensation fee. We urge communities residing in areas adjacent to wildlife to desist from putting up snares," she said.

Zimbabwe is home to several game reserves with wildlife that includes the so-called big five -- elephants, lions, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard.