Uhuru Kenyatta elected Kenyan president: commission figures

Uhuru Kenyatta was elected Kenya's new president, despite facing an international crimes against humanity trial for violence in the last polls, provisional election commission figures showed Saturday.

Kenyatta, who becomes the African country's new leader 50 years after his independence hero father, Kenya's founding president, took 50.03 percent of the vote, according to constituency tallies released in the early hours of Saturday.

Kenyatta, who won 6,173,433 votes out of a total 12,338,667 ballots cast, broke the 50 percent threshold by only 4,099 votes.

His rival Prime Minister Raila Odinga trailed in second place with 43.28 percent, and a total of 5,340,546 votes.

A formal announcement was expected later Saturday, but the figures were shown on an official election commission electronic scoreboard that compiled results from all 291 constituencies.