Kenya ICC-indicted president vows international cooperation

Kenya's newly elected president Uhuru Kenyatta who faces an international crimes against humanity trial, vowed Saturday to cooperate "with all nations and international institutions".

"We recognise and accept our international obligations and we will continue to cooperate with all nations and international institutions, in line with those obligations," he said.

But he added -- to roars of applause from his supporters -- that the international community should also "respect our sovereignty".

The new president faces trial in July at The Hague-based International Criminal Court for his alleged role in the violence that followed the last disputed elections in 2007 and which left more than 1,100 dead.

Kenyatta reached out an olive branch to Raila Odinga, the rival he defeated, urging him and other candidates to join with him "in moving the nation forwards."

"I, in particular, want to thank my older brother, Raila Odinga, for his spirited campaign," Kenyatta said in his acceptance speech.

Odinga has said he will move to court to challenge the results of the ballot, alleging "massive tampering."

He also pledged to work "on behalf of all the citizens of this republic regardless of their political affiliations."

"I will honour the will of Kenyans and ensure that my government protects their rights and acts without fear or favour in the interests of our nation," he added.

Kenyatta called on his celebrating supporters not to laud it over those they have defeated, urging them in being "modest in our victory."