AFP Americas News Agenda for March 11

Duty Editor: Jim Mannion

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What's happening in the Americas on Monday:

+ 'Canadian Psycho' murder trial begins

MONTREAL: The most high-profile Canadian criminal case in years lands in a Montreal court as a former porn actor appears to face charges of slaying and dismembering a Chinese student. Picture. Video. 1530 GMT (CANADA-CRIME-COURT-CHINA)


AUSTIN, Texas: The annual South by Southwest festival highlighting new technologies, film and music continues. Picture. Coverage on merit (LIFESTYLE-US-IT-INTERNET-MUSIC-FILM-SXSW)

CARACAS: Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked political successor of the late Hugo Chavez, registers as a candidate for the April 14 presidential election, staging a public march. Expect coverage (VENEZUELA-POLITICS-CHAVEZ)

SAN FRANCISCO: The annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology wraps up. Expect coverage (US-HEALTH-MEDICINE)