Irish inflation dips to 1.1% in February

Annualised Irish inflation dipped to 1.1 percent in February from 1.2 percent in January, one of the lowest rates in the European Union (EU), official data showed Thursday.

"Prices on average, as measured by the CPI (consumer price index), were 1.1 percent higher in February compared with February 2012," the Central Statistics Office (CSO) said in a statement.

Consumer prices rose by 0.8 percent in February compared with January, the CSO added.

Service prices rose by 1.7 percent, while goods prices increased by 0.3 percent in the year to February.

Dublin, which appears to be successfully tackling its financial crisis, thus posted one of the lowest inflation rates in the 27-member EU last month, as the average rate was 2.1 percent.