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BRUSSELS: EU leaders wrestle with German demands for strict austerity and a French-Italian push for growth-friendly spending. RAW. TBA

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BRUSSELS: Arrivals. RAW. VID498886_EN

BRUSSELS: Round table. RAW. VID498931_EN

BRUSSELS: Merkel presser. RAW. VID499038_EN

BRUSSELS: Hollande presser. RAW. VID499040_EN

BRUSSELS: Thousands protest against austerity. RAW VID498894_EN / VID498895_EN


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VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis receives cardinals in the magnificent Clementine Hall. RAW. TBA

VATICAN CITY: Press conference with Vatican spokesman. RAW. 1400 GMT

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BUENOS AIRES: Supporters of San Lorenzo football club are happy to see one of their own elected Pope. PKG. NSV - VID499033_EN / VOICED - VID499019_EN

BUENOS AIRES: The Mother Superior at the church where the young Jorge Bergoglio attended church says his election is a " gift for all Christians". RAW. VID498973_EN

WASHINGTON: Clergy sex abuse victims in the US have "cautious optimism" that Pope Francis, as an outsider to the Vatican with an eye to social justice, will take action against sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. RAW. VID498958_EN

VATICAN CITY: Wrap of day one of Pope Francis's papacy. PKG. NSV - VID498961_EN / VOICED - VID498962_EN

MOSCOW: Russian Catholics welcome election of new pope. RAW. VID498975_EN / VID498988_EN

VATICAN CITY: File images of the Vatican's Gregorian University. RAW. VID472405_EN

BETHLEHEM, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Highest Christian clergy react to the election of Pope Francis. RAW. VID498940_EN

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis holds first mass since election. RAW. VID498929_EN

VATICAN CITY: Press secretary Father Lombardi holds press conference. RAW. VID498888_EN


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BEIJING: China's parliament names Communist bureaucrat Li Keqiang to the post of premier, a role that involves running day-to-day government in the world's second-largest economy. RAW. VID499044_EN



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TOKYO: The grounded Dreamliner is "absolutely" safe and will be back in the air within weeks, planemaker Boeing says in Japan. FILE. VID366465_EN / RAW. TBA

HONG KONG: Ten years after the deadly SARS outbreak, AFPTV visits the hospital that experienced the first mass infections and meets a doctor who was on the frontline. RAW. TBA

JAKARTA: The new Blackberry Z10 hits the shops in one of the company's top consumer markets. PKG. TBA

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HONG KONG: Malaysian author Tan Twan Eng wins the Man Asian Literary Prize, Asia's most prestigious literary award. RAW. VID498876_EN

PHNOM PENH: Ambulance carrying Ieng Sary's body leaves hospital. RAW. VID498904_EN


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LONDON: Press preview of Andy Warhol's 'Endangered Species' prints ahead of Sotheby's auction. RAW. 1400 GMT

MERIGNAC, FRANCE: Forty passengers get a rare chance to test weightless space flight in a simulator. RAW. TBA

ANKARA: Annual automobile and defence expo in Turkey. RAW. 1700 GMT

ROME: First meeting between the lower house of parliament and the senate since February elections. RAW. 1100 GMT

BUDAPEST: Opposition protest against conservative prime minister Viktor Orban. RAW. TBA.


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NAIROBI: Raila Odinga's party expected to formally contest the election decision at the Supreme court. RAW. TBC.

HARARE: Zimbabwe prepares to vote on a new constitution, with political parties using the occasion to drum up support ahead of the country's general election. STOCKSHOTS. 1400 GMT / RAW. 1700 GMT

GAO, MALI: It's a tough job, but then Lt-Col. Nema Segara is a tough woman -- the ranking Malian officer in charge of civilian relations in an area that was under Islamist control for months. PKG. TBA

MALI: Monitoring events following French intervention in northern Mali. RAW. TBC

DAKAR: King Mohammed VI of Morocco visits Senegal (until 17). RAW. TBC.


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SYRIA: Second anniversary of the uprising against the Assad regime in Syria. RAW. TBC.

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, we will file the following video:

BAGHDAD: Ten years after Saddam Hussein's overthrow, Iraqis are still searching for family and friends who went missing in the years of bloody sectarian conflict that swept the country. PKG. 0300 GMT

KIRKUK, IRAQ: Violence-plagued, ethnically mixed and rich in oil, Kirkuk province stands at the heart of an Arab-Kurd dispute that threatens the future unity of the country. RAW. 0500 GMT

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KETERMAYA, LEBANON: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres visits a Syrian refugee camp. RAW. VID498997_EN

SOUK JEMAA, TUNISIA: Funeral of the 27-year-old vendor who torched himself in a Tunis street. RAW. VID498857_EN / VID498969_EN

CAIRO: The Egyptian opposition is more determined than ever to boycott parliamentary elections. VID498915_EN

TUNIS: Tunisia's Ali Larayedh takes office as protester buried. RAW. VID498907_EN


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NEW YORK: Samsung launches its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4. RAW. 0400 GMT

WASHINGTON: Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks at conservative CPAC gathering. RAW. TBA.

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, we will file the following video:

WASHINGTON: It's a war that cost the US 4,400 lives, 32,000 injuries and more than $800 billion. Ten years on, Americans look back on the war in Iraq and wonder if it was all worth it. PKG. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

WASHINGTON: Obama pursues campaign to rally Congress to agree on a "grand bargain" budget deal. RAW. VID498964_EN

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CARDIFF: Pre-match training and press conferences with England and Wales rugby teams ahead of Saturday's Six Nations decider. RAW. 1700 GMT

NYON, SWITZERLAND: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain are amongst the big names going into the pot for the Champions League quarterfinal draw. RAW 1500 GMT



BUCAREST: Almost 2.5 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the European Union every year - but the chances of surviving the illness vary widely across the continent. In Romania, sufferers face a battle not only against the disease, but against a lack of drugs and treatments. PKG. NSV - VID497995_EN / VOICED - VID497996_EN

GEMZSE, HUNGARY: Hungary's eastern provinces rank among Europe's poorest.

PKG. NSV - VID498936_EN / VOICED - VID498937_EN

LOS ANGELES: Too poor to rent an apartment but with just enough money for a cheap motel, thousands of American families have become so-called "motel kids" since 2008's recession. PKG. NSV. VID498574_EN / VOICED. VID498575_EN

LAGOS, NIGERIA: Developers are pushing ahead with the first phase of a giant housing project being built on an artificial terrain and expected to house 250,000 people. PKG. NSV - VID498765_EN / VOICED - VID498766_EN


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