Greek radical anarchists claim courier bombing

A radical anarchist group on Friday claimed responsibility for a bombing at a courier company in Greece and threatened further attacks on judges and police.

"Any informers, cops, judges and jailers who have harmed or insulted our comrades should night we will visit them with bullets, bombs, knuckledusters," said the group which said it was affiliated with the Italian Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) and the International Revolutionary Front (FRI).

The group said the attack Sunday on the Swift Mail offices in Athens was in solidarity with jailed members of another radical anarchist group that sent parcel bombs to European leaders and embassies and carried out arson and bomb attacks some three years ago.

No one was injured in Sunday's attack.

In 2010, the Swift Mail offices were used to send some of the parcel bombs to European officials and embassies. One of them exploded, injuring a female staff member.

The group said Sunday's bombing was carried out because the Swift Mail employee was cooperating with police.