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NICOSIA: President Nicos Anastasiades will attempt to persuade lawmakers to agree to ratify the terms of an EU bailout deal that slaps a levy on bank savings. RAW. TBC

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NICOSIA: President Nicos Anastasiades says that a controversial bank levy on private depositors is the "least painful" option. RAW. VID499646_EN


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HARARE: Early results from Zimbabwe's constitutional referendum signal landslide backing for a new constitution that will pave the way for fresh elections. RAW. VID499657_EN (SADC observer mission soundbites), VID499583_EN (Electoral Commission soundbites)



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DHAKA: The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party calls a nationwide strike to protest against the arrest of more than 100 of its senior leaders. RAW. TBC

HONG KONG: Hong Kong hosts the seventh annual Asian Film Awards. RAW. TBA

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DATIA, INDIA: Police in India say they have arrested a group of farmers in their 20s who had confessed to gang-raping a Swiss cyclist. RAW. VID499633_EN, VID499604_EN


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JOHANNESBURG/DURBAN: South Africa gears up to host the annual BRICS summit, with leaders from Brazil, Russia, India and China descending on Durban. PKG. TBA

NORTH MALI: Monitoring the situation. RAW. TBC

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GAO, MALI: Ever since Islamists were rushed out of Gao by the French army, traces of their presence have begun to fade. PKG. NSV - VID498497_EN / VOICED - VID498498_EN


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LONDON: British lawmakers are set for a vote on plans for a tough new press watchdog in the wake of the newspaper phone-hacking scandal. RAW. 1600 GMT

BERLIN: French President Hollande meets European business leaders, with Angela Merkel and José Manuel Barroso. RAW. 2200 GMT

MILAN: Closing arguments in "Rubygate" trial against Berlusconi. RAW. TBC

ISTANBUL: Syrian opposition coalition meets to begin election of a prime minister. RAW. 1500 GMT

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BUDAPEST: Protest against government of PM Viktor Orban. RAW. VID499636_EN

BERLIN: Cult TV actor David Hasselhoff lends support to campaigners trying to keep the final remains of the Berlin Wall from being knocked down. RAW. VID499617_EN


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DAMASCUS/ALEPPO: Monitoring the conflict in Syria. RAW. TBC

DAMASCUS: The UN holds a news conference to mark the second anniversary of the Syrian conflict and outline the role of humanitarian agencies. RAW. 1000 GMT

SANAA: Yemen's much-delayed national dialogue begins with an aim to draft a new constitution. RAW. 1000 GMT

JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new coalition government to be sworn in before parliament. RAW. 1800 GMT

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CAIRO: Clashes erupt between police and anti-Morsi protesters in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters. RAW. VID499661_EN

RAMALLAH, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Palestinians react to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's newly formed government. RAW. VID499601_EN

ADEN, YEMEN: Hardline southern separatists stage a general strike. RAW. VID499631_EN

ABU DHABI: Oil-rich Abu Dhabi officially opens the world's largest concentrated solar power plant. RAW. VID499642_EN


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Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war:

NEW YORK: Lieutenant Tim McLaughlin drove a tank into Iraq at the start of the US invasion in 2003, and stayed to battle on there. Now his war diaries, on show in New York alongside works by a journalist and photographer, are a poignant reminder of the power and cost of conflict. PKG. TBA

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MADRID: IOC visits Madrid to assess 2020 Olympic Games bid. RAW. TBA


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CHAKWAL, PAKISTAN: Dog-fighting is still widespread in Pakistan even if it is illegal. PKG. TBA


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