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VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis holds Mass in presence of world leaders. RAW. TBA

BUENOS AIRES: Young Argentines hold an all-night vigil waiting for the inauguration mass of Buenos Aires-born Pope Francis. RAW. 1200 GMT

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VATICAN CITY: Preparations for inauguration mass for Pope Francis. RAW. VID499856_EN

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis has eschewed tradition and chosen a silver Fisherman's Ring rather than a gold one. RAW. VID499871_EN

BUENOS AIRES: Before his sudden appointment to the Papacy, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was a familiar face in the poorest areas of Buenos Aires, where people now hope the poor will remain his priority as pope. PKG. VOICED - VID499912_EN / NSV - VID499924_EN


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NICOSIA: The eurozone tells indebted Cyprus to allow the smallest of savers escape a controversial 5.8-billion-euro grab on deposit accounts, part of a larger bailout deal. RAW. TBA

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NICOSIA: Hundreds of Cypriots protest outside parliament against a tax on their savings imposed under an EU bailout deal. RAW. VID499811_EN

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NICOSIA: Cyprus postpones vote on 10-billion-euro EU bailout that imposes a harsh levy of up to 9.9 percent on all bank deposits. RAW. VID499697_EN

MOSCOW: Russian deposits in Cypriot banks amount to at least $20 billion and are set to be hit by the new bank levy. Comment from Russian banking representatives. RAW. VID499722_EN, VID499745_EN

LONDON: Analyst slams the "ailing banking sector" as the "biggest problem" of the Cypriot economy. RAW. VID499757_EN


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ISTANBUL: Syria's main opposition National Council elects Ghassan Hitto as premier for swathes of Syrian rebel-held territory. RAW. TBA

DAMASCUS: Monitoring Syria conflict. RAW. TBC

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ISTANBUL: Syria's opposition coalition meets in Istanbul to choose its first prime minister. RAW. VID499855_EN (images and soundbites of Free Syrian Army chief)

DAMASCUS: UN defends its humanitarian work in Syria, saying it deals with all parties in a "neutral and transparent manner". RAW. VID499777_EN



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TOKYO: Engineers at the Fukushima nuclear plant scramble to restore power to cooling systems after an outage. FILE. VID404590_EN / RAW. TBA

PHNOM PENH: Funeral ceremony to be held for former Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary who died while on trial for genocide and war crimes. RAW. TBA

TOKYO: Bank of Japan governor Masaaki Shirakawa holds last press conference as he steps down. RAW. 0900 GMT

YANGON: With their indie hairstyles and ripped jeans, Yangon's skaters show there's more to Myanmar than monks and Aung San Suu Kyi. RAW. 0500 GMT

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ISLAMABAD: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi visits Pakistan on a South Asian tour. RAW. VID499828_EN, VID499828_EN

HONG KONG: China's "Mystery" named best movie at Asian film awards. RAW. VID499809_EN, VID499815_EN (trailer), VID499807_EN (red carpet)


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ANTALYA, TURKEY: Verdict expected in trial of Swiss policeman Christian Varone who is charged with theft of archaeological fragments. RAW 1200 GMT

LONDON: Auction of Princess Diana's dress collection. RAW. FILE. TBA

PARIS: The OECD releases a report on the French economy. RAW. 1000 GMT

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TOULOUSE, FRANCE: European aircraft maker Airbus on Monday announced a record order worth 18.4 billion euros ($23.8 billion) from the Indonesian company Lion Air for 234 medium-range A320 jets. RAW. VID499880_EN, RAW. VID499688_EN (Hollande), VID499720_EN

LONDON: British politicians reach a deal on a new system of regulation for the press following the phone hacking scandal. RAW. VID499783_EN (Hacked-off campaign group press conference), VID499887_EN (Cameron)

BERLIN: French President Francois Hollande meets European business leaders, with Angela Merkel and Jose Manuel Barroso. RAW. VID499907_EN

MUNICH, GERMANY: A Munich court is set to hear the trial of Beate Zschaepe, a woman believed to be at the heart of a neo-Nazi cell accused of killing 10 people. RAW. VID499858_EN

RICHOV, BELARUS: People dance and sing as they burn an effigy representing Mother Winter during Maslenitsa, or Shrovetide, celebrations marking the end of winter. RAW. VID499860_EN


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RAMALLAH: One day ahead of Barack Obama's arrival, a group of Palestinians calls for a protest against the visit. RAW. TBA

JERUSALEM: Israelis hope that Barack Obama's visit could spark a new dynamic in the relationship between the two countries. RAW. TBA

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war:

BAGHDAD: Famous for housing masses of foreign journalists during the US-led invasion of Iraq, the Palestine Hotel has since undergone a makeover and looks brand new. RAW. 0500 GMT

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JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new coalition government is sworn in. RAW. VID499942_EN

SANAA: President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi warns Yemenis against the use of force to express political views, as he opens a national dialogue to pave the way for the drafting of a new constitution and the staging of elections. RAW. VID499802_EN

ADEN, YEMEN: Thousands of separatists descend on Al-Arood square for an anti-dialogue rally calling for secession. RAW. VID499911_EN


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MALI: Monitoring developments. RAW. TBC

GAO, MALI: Two months after the launch of the operation to rout Islamist extremists, the Malian army is still unable to ensure security. PKG. 1700 GMT

ABIDJAN: Moroccan King Mohamed VI arrives for a two-day visit. RAW. 1900 GMT

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YAOUNDE: A French man abducted with his family last month in Cameroon speaks in a recording reportedly made by Boko Haram. RAW. VID499838_EN

TESSALIT, MALI: Fifth French soldier is killed in Mali conflict. RAW. VID499793_EN, VID499796_EN


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WASHINGTON: Obama meets Irish PM Enda Kenny. RAW. TBA

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war:

WASHINGTON: Advocates for the US invasion of Iraq including Senator John McCain, former Army number two Jack Keane and neocon thinker Frederick Kagan look back on the conflict, a decade later. RAW. 2200 GMT

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WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton voices support for gay marriage. RAW VID499841_EN

Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war:

NEW YORK: Lieutenant Tim McLaughlin drove a tank into Iraq at the start of the US invasion in 2003. Now his war diaries, on show in New York alongside works by a journalist and photographer, are a poignant reminder of the power and cost of the conflict. PKG. NSV - VID499832_EN / VOICED - VID499833_EN


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BUENOS AIRES: Argentina is a country politically polarized between Peronists who support incumbent president Cristina Kirchner and conservatives who loathe her; now that rivalry has even spread to the artisanal beer market, with rival breweries backing the two sides. RAW. VID498523_EN

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LAHORE, PAKISTAN: Rugby begins to take off in cricket-crazy Pakistan. PKG. 0500 GMT

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MADRID: IOC visits Madrid to assess 2020 Olympic Games bid. RAW. VID499901_EN



CHAKWAL, PAKISTAN: Dog-fighting is still widespread in Pakistan even though it is illegal. PKG. NSV - VID499669_EN / VOICED - VID499670_EN


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