Deadly attacks on Iraq's Shiite Muslims

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion, Iraq's Shiite community once more came under attack on Tuesday.

Here is a timeline of the main attacks against Shiite Muslims since US forces completed their withdrawal from Iraq on December 18, 2011, after more than eight years in the country:



- 5: Attacks against Shiite Muslims kill 68 people in Baghdad and Nassiriyah in the south.

- 14: A suicide bomber targeting Shiite pilgrims outside the southern port city of Basra kills 53 people.

- 27: A suicide bomber detonates an explosives-packed car at a funeral procession outside a Baghdad hospital, killing at least 31 people.


- 4: At least 25 killed in a suicide car bombing at the headquarters of the Shiite religious endowment in Baghdad.

- 13: A wave of apparently coordinated bombings and shootings rocks Iraq during a major Shiite religious commemoration, killing at least 72 people, many of them pilgrims.

- 16: 32 killed in two attacks targeting pilgrims in Baghdad.

- 18 and 20: 42 killed in three different attacks on the Shiite community in Baquba, north of Baghdad.


- 27-28: A series of attacks claimed by Al-Qaeda leaves at least 44 dead across the country during the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday.


- 29: Bombs mainly targeting Shiite Muslims and security forces kill 45 people, including 33 in the central town of Hilla, as pilgrims pass through.



- 3: At least 15 are killed by a truck bomb targeting pilgrims after the conclusion of annual mourning rituals for a revered figure in Shiite Islam.

- 17: At least 29 are killed and 120 wounded in a new wave of anti-Shiite attacks around Baghdad.

- 23: 42 are killed when a suicide bomber makes his way into a Shiite mosque north of Baghdad and blows himself up in the middle of a packed funeral.


- 8: A spate of car bombs in Shiite areas, including two blasts minutes apart at a popular bird market, kill at least 33 people.

- 17: A series of bombings mainly targeting Shiite areas of Baghdad kill at least 21 people.


- 19: A wave of attacks and explosions, mainly in Shiite neighbourhoods in and around Baghdad during morning rush hour, kill 50 people on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion.