Iran protests Saudi diplomat's deadly 'drink driving'

Iran said Tuesday it has protested to the Saudi embassy about a deadly accident involving one of its diplomats who reports alleged had been "drink driving" when he crashed his vehicle into another.

The unnamed diplomat "had violated the speed limit" when he hit the car in Tehran on Thursday last week, killing its Iranian driver, foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said, quoted by state broadcaster IRIB.

Mehmanparast said Iran had conveyed a "strong protest" to the Saudi embassy, and that diplomatic and judicial protocols were activated to pursue the case.

Iranian media reports said the diplomat had been "drink driving".

"With the police investigating the accident, it was absolutely clear that he was drunk," Fars news agency reported, adding an "empty bottle of alcohol" was found in the diplomat's car.

The consumption of alcohol is forbidden in Iran under its Islamic sharia law.