Syrian rebels seize guard post near Jordan border

Syrian rebels on Tuesday seized a guard post near the Jordanian border and a tank brigade headquarters in the south of the country, after regime forces withdrew, a watchdog reported.

"They managed to seize control of a border post near Tel Shehab at dawn after regime forces evacuated the post following violent clashes," Rami Abdel Rahman, directer of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Videos of the area posted on YouTube showed armed men around the post, in cars, motorbikes and on foot. The post appeared to be a small building in a largely uninhabited area.

Signs of the battle were visible on the walls of the building, around which armed men milled taking photos of a tank abandoned by soldiers.

"The heros of Fajr al-Islam seized the base," the person filming the scene said, though another added that the Moataz Billah brigade had also taken part.

Abdel Rahman also said rebels had seized control of a tank brigade headquarters in the Naama region of southern Daraa province after fierce fighting that prompted regime troops to fall back.

The captures came after a bloody day in Syria on Monday, with 161 people killed across the country, according to Observatory figures.