Cycling: Fuentes would collaborate with WADA

The doctor at the centre of a blood doping scandal has said he will collaborate with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) should they ask him to.

Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes is currently on trial in Madrid accused of endangering public health by performing blood transfusions on a number of high-profile cyclists.

However, the vast majority of Fuentes' former clients have never been named and he said he would be willing to do so.

"If they consider me useful and they ask me, I will consider it and be ready to collaborate," he said upon leaving court on Wednesday.

"What I do not know is whether they will value what I am going to offer or not."

Fuentes has already indicated his willingness to name those who he treated at the beginning of his trial back in January.

However, Magistrate Julia Patricia Santamaria didn't allow that evidence to be given in court as the case relates purely to matters of public health and not to doping, which was not a criminal offence at the time of Fuentes' arrest in 2006.

Fuentes did though reaffirm his belief that he has not committed any crime.

"Everything that I have done, I have done in accordance with the law.

"In 35 years I have not endangered any patient. Apologising for doing my job professionally and to the best of my ability would not make any sense."