Drugmaker AstraZeneca announces 2,300 more job cuts

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on Thursday said it was cutting 2,300 jobs on top of the 1,600 losses it announced at the start of the week, in a major restructuring of the group over the next three years.

The company said 2,300 posts would go as it makes changes to its Selling, General and Administrative operations -- which encompasses corporate and support functions.

"We are combining this SG&A restructuring with two previously announced programmes. These comprise the headcount reduction of 1,600... announced on 18 March 2013, and the balance of the Phase 3 restructuring programme announced in February 2012, which amounts to 1,150 roles."

It added in a statement: "The total combined Phase 4 programme entails an estimated global headcount reduction of about 5,050 over the 2013-2016 period."

AstraZeneca currently employs about 57,000 staff worldwide.