Football: No FA action on tackle 'hard to swallow' - Haidara

Newcastle United full-back Massadio Haidara has admitted he finds it "hard to swallow" that Wigan's Callum McManaman will escape disciplinary action for a tackle that left the Frenchman fearing for his playing future.

McManaman, who was making his first league start, caught Haidara on the left knee with his studs after careering into a tackle midway through the first half of an English Premier League match at the DW Stadium on Sunday.

The French full-back, 20, had to be carried off on a stretcher, but referee Mark Halsey did not punish 21-year-old McManaman for the challenge.

And the Football Association added it was powerless to take retrospective disciplinary action having agreed such a policy with league officials, managers' representatives and referees' chiefs in pre-season.

"It's hard to swallow," Haidara told Thursday's Le Parisien newspaper. "I don't understand it. It (the tackle) could have could have ended my career, ruined my life...

"We have to protect the players. We can't tolerate tackles like this in football.

"It ruins football and the authorities must act."

Despite the tackle leaving him feel as if McManaman had "broken his leg", Haidara said he had been lucky to escape any serious injury, with even his knee ligaments withstanding the tackle.

"I'm much better. The knee ligaments are uninjured so I feel really relieved," he said.

Haidara added that he had not yet spoken with McManaman, saying it might happen now the red mist that he felt immediately after the challenge had dissipated.

"There is the language barrier problem but I think we will try to see each other with an interpreter," he said.

"I was extremely angry with him at the time. I thought he had wrecked my career. Now that I know I escaped serious injury, I've been able to take a step back and I'm not so angry.

"I just hope that this will teach him a lesson and that next time he will know how to better control himself."