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Main points of Kurd rebel leader's truce letter


Here are some excerpts from a letter by jailed Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan who called for a ceasefire Thursday.

-- "We are at a stage where guns should be silenced. We are at a stage where our armed elements should withdraw from Turkey."

-- "Today we wake up to a new Turkey, a new Middle East and a new future... Today is the beginning of a new era. A door is opened from armed struggle to democratic struggle."

-- "It is not an end, it is a new beginning. It is not the time to give up the struggle, but to start a different one."

-- Ocalan, the founding leader of outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) said it was time for "politics to prevail, not arms."

-- He said the struggle initiated by his personal resistance against the "desperation, ignorance, slavery" his people were born into had "reached a certain height".

-- Ocalan said that during a three-decade conflict that cost tens of thousands of lives "Kurds earned back their true selves, identities. None of these sacrifices, struggles were in vain"

-- "The Middle East and Middle Asia are looking for a new order. A new model is a necessity, like bread and water," the message said, urging people in the region to "witness the birth of a new dawn."

-- "The peoples of the Middle East now jaded by wars, conflicts and partitions now want to rise from their roots and stand up, shoulder to shoulder."

-- "It is time for unity. Turks and Kurds fought together in Gallipoli (during World War I), and launched the Turkish parliament together in 1920."

-- "The fact our mutual history puts forth is that we should build our future together. The spirit with which the parliament was established should enlighten today's new era."

-- "Despite all the mistakes made in the past 90 years, we are trying to build a model that embraces all oppressed people, classes and cultures."

-- "The basis of the new struggle is ideas, ideology and democratic politics."

-- Ocalan called on Kurds, Turkomans, Assyrians and Arabs, scattered across Syria and Iraq to "unite ... discuss their realities, gain awareness and make decisions."

"We will unite against all those who want to tear us apart and pit us against each other. Our fight is with oppression, ignorance, unfairness, deprivation and all sort of pressure."

-- He said it was not the time for "conflict,clashes" but for "unity, embracing and exchanging blessings."