White House will not rest on gun laws: Biden

The White House will keep pushing for tough new gun ownership laws despite lack of support in Congress, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday.

"I'm not going to rest and nor is the president until we do all of these things," Biden told a press conference in New York, where he joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg and bereaved parents from Newtown, where 20 elementary school children were massacred in December.

"For all those who say we couldn't or shouldn't ban high capacity magazines, I ask them just one question: think about Newtown," Biden said in a brief, but emotional speech in which he referred to the "beautiful little babies" shot in the school.

Senate Democrats have conceded that their proposed ban on assault rifles, like the one a deranged intruder used in the Newtown slaughter, has no chance of passing in Congress.

Other measures under consideration, and which may have a better chance of being enacted, include requiring background checks for all gun sales.