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JERUSALEM/BETHLEHEM: US President Barack Obama winds up his historic trip to Israel. RAW. TBA

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JERUSALEM: In a powerful direct appeal to Israelis, President Barack Obama Thursday insisted a two-state peace with the Palestinians could still be forged and was their only hope of true security. RAW. VID500902_EN

JERUSALEM: Shimon Peres bestows President's Medal on Obama. RAW. VID501001_EN


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BORDEAUX, FRANCE: Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is charged with taking financial advantage of elderly heiress. RAW. VID500994_EN (car leaving court)/ FILE. VID500859_EN


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NICOSIA: Cyprus faces a Monday deadline to clinch a bailout deal with the eurozone or face a choking of liquidity by the European Central Bank, which would trigger the collapse of the island's banking sector. RAW. TBA

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NICOSIA: The Cyprus cabinet meets in crisis session to approve a "Plan B" bailout deal with the EU and IMF. RAW. VID500945_EN


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MOSCOW: New Chinese President Xi Jinping meets Putin. RAW. TBA


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DAMASCUS: Monitoring of the conflict. RAW. TBC

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DAMASCUS: A suicide bomber targets a mosque in central Damascus, killing a senior pro-regime Sunni cleric, Syrian television reported, with a watchdog saying at least 15 people were killed. RAW. VID500926_EN



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NEW DELHI: Two Italian marines charged with murder in India are on their way back to New Delhi after the government in Rome agreed they should return to face trial. RAW. TBC

MEIKTILA, MYANMAR: At least 10 people are killed in riots in central Myanmar prompting international concern at the country's worst communal unrest since a wave of Buddhist-Muslim clashes last year. PHOTOS. 0430 GMT / RAW. TBC

YANGON: Google chief Eric Schmidt visits Myanmar as part of an Asia tour. RAW. TBA

TOKYO: More than 300 ninja, mostly female, from over 17 countries, participate in an international convention in Tokyo. RAW. TBA

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GENEVA: The United Nations says it will for the first time establish a commission of inquiry into grave human rights violations in North Korea that may amount to crimes against humanity. RAW. VID500932_EN

MALAI, CAMBODIA: About 1,000 mourners mass for the cremation of a co-founder of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge. RAW. VID500888_EN


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MOSCOW: Talks continue between Putin, Medvedev and AC chief Barroso. RAW. 1000 GMT / 1300 GMT (presser)

DUBLIN: EU Foreign Ministers meet. RAW. TBA

ROME: Italian President Giorgio Napolitano hopes to announce the formation of a new government. RAW. Analyst, reaction

BUDAPEST: Supporters of far-right party Jobbik demonstrate ahead of Hungary-Romania football game that will be played behind closed doors. RAW. 2100 GMT

KICEVO, MACEDONIA: Local elections are to be held on Sunday. RAW. 1400 GMT

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DIYARBAKIR, TURKEY: Vast crowds gather in the mainly Kurdish southeastern city of Diyarbakir to celebrate jailed Kurdish rebel chief Abdullah Ocalan's call for a ceasefire. RAW. VID500899_EN

THE HAGUE: Anti-Erdogan protestors take to the streets of The Hague as the Turkish Prime minister makes a one-day visit to the Netherlands. RAW. VID500891_EN

ROME: Italian President Giorgio Napolitano says he will announce his decision on who will be asked to form a government. RAW. VID500962_EN

MOSCOW: Hearing set to take place in the trial of dead lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. FILE. VID495307_EN

CANTERBURY, UK: Enthronement of new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. RAW. VID500928_EN, VID500978_EN

BERLIN: One dead as helicopters collide at Berlin Olympic Stadium. RAW. VID500855_EN

PARIS: Toulouse gunman's brother to remain in detention. RAW. VID500808_EN

SIERPC, POLAND: First day of spring sees children throw a doll clothed in traditional Slavic costume into the river to accelerate the arrival of spring weather. RAW. VID500905_EN

PARIS: A self-styled "poet climber" manages to sidestep security, climb on to the roof of the US Embassy building in Paris. RAW. VID500873_EN


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CAPE ESTERIAS, GABON: At least 30 people die when their boat capsizes off the Gabonese capital. RAW. 0500 GMT

ACCRA: STOCKSHOTS of Ghanaian capital and former slavery town Cape Coast. 0600 GMT

Ahead of BRICS summit:

KAOLAK, SENEGAL: Senegalese groundnuts are now widely on sale in China but at what cost to Senegalese farmers? RAW. 1500 GMT

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YAOUNDE: Cameroon prosecutes people for consensual same-sex conduct more aggressively than almost any country in the world, human rights organisations say. RAW. VID500879_EN


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CAIRO: Opposition activists protest outside the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters. RAW. 1600 GMT

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CAIRO: Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood warns it will defend its headquarters, as opposition activists planned a march on the building where they have previously clashed with the Islamists. RAW. VID500867_EN

TEHRAN: Iran's supreme leader signals openness for the first time to US offers to hold direct talks on his country's disputed nuclear drive. RAW. VID500870_EN

ALGIERS: Covered from head to toe in white, Algerian women march through the capital to defend their traditional Islamic dress. RAW. VID500903_EN


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WASHINGTON: Opponents of gay marriage say they are defending faith, family and tradition. PKG. 2200 GMT

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SAN FRANCISCO: The US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next week in a pair of cases that challenge laws on same-sex marriage. Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, the plaintiffs, hold a press conference in San Francisco before flying to Washington, DC for the hearing. RAW. VID501020_EN

NEW YORK: New Yorkers dive deep into ocean life with an exhibition at the Museum of Natural History on whales, the "giants of the deep." RAW. VID500959_EN


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TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO: Solstice festival at archaeological site to welcome the spring. RAW. VID500991_EN

RIO DE JANEIRO: Indigenous people prepare to be evicted from their home in the former Museum of the Indian next to the Maracana stadium. RAW. VID500998_EN (images), VID501006_EN (soundbites)

BOGOTA: Colombian teachers protest over working conditions. RAW. VID500830_EN

LIMA: It looks like any advertising billboard -- but this ad can produce drinking water. The panel collects humidity from the surrounding air and filters it, pumping out drinkable water for local residents in the arid plain outside Lima. RAW. VID500606_EN

CARACAS: Opposition students protest outside the National Electoral Council, which they say is biased in favour of the government. RAW. VID501010_EN

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HONG KONG: The world's most prestigious rugby sevens tournament kicks off with the on-pitch action matched by the colour on the sidelines. RAW. TBA

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PARIS: The coach of France's national football team says that his team "will disregard" the upset against Spain on Tuesday to concentrate on "the three crucial points" needed in the game against Georgia to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. RAW. VID500943_EN

MADRID: The IOC gives an evaluation of Madrid's 2020 Olympic Games venues and infrastructure. RAW. VID500919_EN

PORTO-VECCHIO, FRANCE: 100 days to go before this year's Tour de France, which starts in Corsica. RAW. VID500894_EN


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WARSAW: Almost totally destroyed in WWII, Warsaw rises from the ashes in a new 3D film that reconstructs the city centre. PKG. 1300 GMT

ACCRA: Faced with regular gridlock on the roads of the Ghanean capital, a website has been set up to alert drivers to the worst bottlenecks -- fed by eagle-eyed spotters with Twitter accounts. PKG. TBA

SAN FRANCISCO: Move over, yellow cab. A smart phone could be replacing you. Mobile app technology has exploded the market for new paid ride services from upscale limo services, to non-professional drivers who hire out their back seat. PKG. 0500 GMT


PARIS: The world's leading tattoo artists get together in Paris at the weekend. PKG. NSV - VID500735_EN / VOICED - VID500736_EN


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