Bolivia vows to take Chile border dispute to Hague

Bolivia's president said Saturday he would file a suit against Chile at the International Court of Justice "in the coming days" in a bid to reclaim access to the sea lost in a 19th century war.

During an event in honor of the "Day of the Sea" -- commemorating the war that left impoverished Bolivia landlocked -- President Evo Morales said he hoped to resolve the dispute through "peaceful settlement mechanisms."

Morales vowed similar action on the occasion two years ago.

The two countries have had limited diplomatic relations since 1978, and tensions rose earlier this year after Chile arrested three Bolivian soldiers just inside its border.

The soldiers, who claimed they were pursuing smugglers, were later released.

Bolivia lost its access to the sea in the 1879-1884 War of the Pacific and today is the poorest country in South America. Previous attempts to negotiate the redrawing of the border have failed.

Morales said earlier this month that bilateral negotiations with Chile over the border dispute would be a "waste of time."