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Colorado confirms gunman suspect in jail chief killing


A gunman who led a bullet-riddled chase through a small town in Texas is a suspect in the murder of Colorado's prison chief, a sheriff's spokesman in the western US state said Sunday.

Ballistics experts are checking whether the gun used to kill Colorado jails director Tom Clements last Tuesday is the same as that used by Evan Spencer Ebel, 28, in the Texas shootout two days later.

"Mr Ebel is a suspect in our case. We are looking into his background and still very much on a fact-finding mission," said sheriff's spokesman Jeff Kramer in Colorado's El Paso County, where the killing took place.

"We have no confirmed link yet to the event in Texas. We await results from the lab on some ballistics testing which hopes to prove or disprove whether the gun used in Texas was the one used in the Clements case," he told AFP.

Ebel was reported by local media to be a white supremacist with a criminal history dating back a decade, and a Colorado parolee. He is also considered a suspect in the murder of a pizza delivery man in Denver last weekend.

Police had been searching for the driver of a dark Cadillac after Clements, head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, was shot dead after answering the door of his home near Denver on Tuesday evening.

A sheriff's deputy in northern Texas pulled a black Cadillac with Colorado plates over for what should have been a routine traffic stop on Thursday morning.

Officers raced after the black Cadillac and at least two of their vehicles were struck as the gunman shot wildly at his pursuers. Ebel died after his car was struck by a big truck, and following a final shootout with police.