Delhi gang-rape suspect taken to hospital: report

A defendant in the New Delhi bus gang-rape trial was admitted to hospital on Monday with chest pains, a fortnight after his brother and co-accused was found dead in a prison cell, a report said.

Mukesh Singh was taken to Safdarjung hospital after he complained of feeling unwell while in transit from Tihar jail to the court, the Press Trust of India news agency quoted public prosecutor Dayan Krishnan as telling the trial judge.

Proceedings at the court in Saket, in south Delhi, were adjourned in the afternoon as officials waited for the hospital report.

Mukesh Singh is one of four men on trial for the murder and gang-rape of a 23-year-old student who died in hospital in Singapore on December 29, 13 days after being attacked on a bus as she returned from a movie in the Indian capital.

A 17-year-old defendant is being tried separately in a youth court.

Mukesh Singh's brother, Ram Singh, who was the driver of the bus used in the attack, was found hanging in his prison cell in Tihar on March 11.