AFP Europe News Agenda

What's happening in Europe on Tuesday:

+ Cyprus delays banks opening until Thursday

+ Italy court to rule on Knox murder retrial

+ Italy struggles to form government

NICOSIA: Cyprus delays until Thursday an already 11-day-old lockdown of its banks to avert a run on deposits despite clinching a 10-billion-euro ($13 billion) eurozone bailout that staved off bankruptcy. Picture. Video. Graphic. (CYPRUS-ECONOMY-EU-FINANCE)

ROME: Italy's highest court of appeals is to deliver a ruling on whether US student Amanda Knox, acquitted in 2011 of murdering her British housemate in the university town of Perugia, will face another trial. From 0900 GMT. File picture. (ITALY-BRITAIN-US-MURDER-TRIAL-APPEAL-HEARING)

ROME: Leftist leader Pier Luigi Bersani, who has been asked officially to form a government following inconclusive elections in February, holds talks from 0930 GMT with representatives from Italy's main political parties. (ITALY-POLITICS)


THE HAGUE: Congolese war crimes suspect Bosco Ntaganda is to appear before International Criminal Court judges for the first time after having turned himself in to face charges ranging from murder and rape to using child soldiers during his years as a warlord in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Hearing starts at 1000 GMT. Picture. Video (WARCRIMES-DRCONGO-ICC-NTAGANDA)

PARIS: President Francois Hollande holds talks at 1730 GMT with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, with the leaders set to attend the France vs Spain World Cup qualifier match at 2000 GMT. Picture. (FRANCE-SPAIN-EU-DIPLOMACY)

WARSAW: National day of protest organised by the Solidarity trade union against austerity, with strikes to hit public transport, schools, and hospitals. Protest in Warsaw at 0800 GMT. Picture. (POLAND-FINANCE-PUBLIC-STRIKE)

LISBON: Bank of Portugal releases economic forecast at 1300 GMT. (FINANCE-PUBLIC-DEBT-PORTUGAL)

ZAGREB: EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele presents to the Croatian government a final report on the country's readiness to join the European Union on July 1. Meeting at 0900 GMT. (EU-CROATIA-ENLARGE)

GENEVA: Russia and Georgia hold a new round of talks to ease tensions since the 2008 war over breakaway Georgian provinces. The two-day talks are held behin closed doors. A press conference is to be held Wednesday evening. (UN-GEORGIA-RUSSIA-ABKHAZIA-TALKS)