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+ Pop art, rock or Nintendo: "Clouds" gather at Vienna museum

+ Football: State-backed giants lose out in Russian league

+ Love of art is blind for sightless museum visitors

+ Short of water, Peru's engineers 'make our own'

Austria-culture-art, FEATURE

VIENNA, (Austria)

Super Mario video games, the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Pink Floyd's music and Belgian artist Rene Magritte: who would have thought these had anything in common? But Vienna's Leopold Museum demonstrates there is a link in its new exhibit "Clouds. Fleeting Worlds," which draws from the most unexpected sources to pay tribute to this airy phenomenon.

555 words by Sim Sim Wissgott. Picture by Alexandre Klein. Video.

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With the backing of the Kremlin-owned gas giant Gazprom and the cash to buy the world's top players, Zenit St Petersburg must have hoped the 2012-2013 season would be their best ever. But despite the support of the world's largest energy firm, they are third in the country's Premier League, while teams owned by private businessmen have been Russia's star performers this year.

675 words by Alexandre Fedorets. File pictures.

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Her eyes see nothing, but when Barbara Appel runs her fingers over the face of a Picasso sculpture in New York's Museum of Modern Art, she sighs with pleasure. Most people go to museums to look at exhibits, but for some at MoMA, love of art is literally blind.

665 words by Sebastian Smith. Picture by Don Emmert.

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The message emblazoned on a billboard outside the Peruvian capital sounds almost too good to be true: drinkable water for anyone who wants some in this arid village. Even more intriguingly, the fresh, pure water on offer has been extracted, as if by magic, from the humid air.

610 words by Juan Castro Olivera. Picture by Ernesto Benavides. Video.