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JOHANNESBURG/PRETORIA: Doctors say Nelson Mandela is responding positively to treatment after being readmitted to hospital with a lung infection. RAW. TBC

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WASHINGTON: Obama 'deeply concerned' for Mandela's health. RAW. VID502885_EN

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PRETORIA: Images of hospitals that may be treating Mandela (unconfirmed). RAW. VID502688_EN (One Military Hospital) / VID502707_EN (Mediclinic Heart Hospital)

PARIS: A French Professor of pulmonary medicine says Nelson Mandela's readmittance to hospital with a lung infection is a serious sign of his ailing health. RAW. VID502791_EN

DURBAN/PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA: Ordinary South Africans react to news that Nelson Mandela has been readmitted to hospital. RAW. VID502680_EN. VID502705_EN

JOHANNESBURG: Nelson Mandela is one of the towering figures of modern history. He is a symbol of freedom and forgiveness which extends far beyond the borders of South Africa, the country he helped liberate from apartheid rule. A profile. PKG. NSV - VID502653_EN / VOICED - VID502654_EN

VARIOUS: File images of Nelson Mandela. FILE. VID354670_EN


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NICOSIA: Cypriots wait for what's next, a day after banks finally opened their doors. RAW. 1600 GMT

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NICOSIA: Cyprus banks reopen after 12 days, with tight controls imposed following the eurozone bailout package. RAW. VID502646_EN (images) / VID502668_EN (images) / VID502677_EN / VID502785_EN (images & soundbites)


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VATICAN CITY: Coverage of Easter celebrations. RAW. 1800 GMT

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ROME: Pope Francis washes the feet of 12 young offenders including two girls and two Muslims in an unprecedented version of an ancient Easter ritual. RAW. VID502899_EN

BUENOS AIRES: A giant banner dedicated to new Pope Francis adorns a building in his native Buenos Aires. RAW. VID502876_EN



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KARACHI: Former Pakistan military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who recently returned home after four years of self-imposed exile, is due to appear in court as he seeks a bail extension. RAW. TBC

SAN FERNANDO, PHILIPPINES: Fervent Filipino devotees mark the Christian celebration of Good Friday by having themselves nailed to crosses and their backs whipped. RAW. TBA

TOKYO: Sommeliers the world over compete for the crown of the world's best wine taster. RAW. TBA

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JAKARTA: The elite police unit on the front line of Indonesia's lauded terrorism clampdown faces fresh allegations of torture and unlawful killings. FILE. VID495983_EN

BEIJING: Chinese stylist Lu Weixing presents his new women's collection at Beijing Fashion Week. RAW. VID502790_EN


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ROCKAWAY BEACH, NEW YORK: MoMA PS1 -- one of the oldest contemporary art institutions in the US -- unveils ideas for a sustainable waterfront after Hurricane Sandy. RAW. TBC

WASHINGTON: A cyber security expert shares thoughts after a massive Spamhaus cyber attack. RAW. TBC

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WASHINGTON: Obama demands gun reform, three months after the Newtown school shooting. RAW. VID502553_EN

WASHINGTON: Obama praises leaders of Sierra Leone, Malawi, Senegal and Cape Verde on their visit to Washington. RAW. VID502883_EN

WASHINGTON: AFPTV interviews Senegalese President Macky Sall. RAW. VID502917_EN

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA: Solar Impulse plane ready to travel across the US. RAW. VID502844_EN


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PARIS: Analysts react to François Hollande's keynote television address to the nation. RAW. TBA

LYON, FRANCE: Nearly 100 Roma gypsies are staying in a gymnasium in Lyon after their camp was bulldozed by French police -- with the government saying its crackdown on illegal camps will continue. PKG. 1400 GMT

VIENNA: What does the band Pink Floyd have in common with artist René Magritte and the video game "Super Mario"? The Leopold Museum's exhibition about clouds has the answer. RAW. 1100 GMT

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PARIS: French President Francois Hollande vows to reverse near record unemployment as he defends his record amid plummeting ratings. RAW. VID502941_EN

PARIS: Anti-gay marriage campaigners protest during Francois Hollande's TV appearance demanding a continued ban on same-sex marriage. RAW. VID502891_EN

ROME: Italian leftist leader Pier Luigi Bersani loses bid to form a new government after failing to break a political deadlock. RAW. VID502867_EN

LONDON: A British artist has created a portrait of disgraced French former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn using 5,000 pornographic badges. RAW. VID502720_EN

PARIS: French actress sues over Hollande love affair rumour. FILE. VID502778_EN


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BRAZZAVILLE: Further coverage of the visit of China's new leader Xi Jinping to the Republic of the Congo. RAW. TBC

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BANGUI: Michel Djotodia, self proclaimed president of Central African Republic, asks all the armed forces, whether rebels or from the regular army, to work together to restore normality. RAW. VID502858_EN

BRAZZAVILLE: Congolese await a visit from China's new President Xi Jinping to the impoverished Republic of the Congo. RAW. VID502873_EN, VID502932_EN


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TUNIS: Activists gather in the Arab Spring's birthplace for a global anti-capitalist event that brings together Tunisian revolutionaries and Western protest movements. RAW. VID502782_EN


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BORDER BETWEEN GUATEMALA & MEXICO: Illegal immigrants trying to enter the US walk 'The way of the cross', marking the Christian holy day of Good Friday. RAW. TBA.

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CARACAS: A television animation shows late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez reaching heaven and being received by many late Latin American leaders including Simón Bolívar and Che Guevara. RAW. VID502942_EN

CARACAS: An line of Venezuelans files past the tomb of late president Hugo Chavez inside an old barracks perched in a hillside Caracas slum. RAW. VID502902_EN

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RIO DE JANEIRO: Usain Bolt to race 150m on Copacabana beach. RAW. VID502866_EN


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PHUKET, THAILAND: Muay Thai boxing - a growing craze in extreme fitness for overweight tourists. PKG. 0500 GMT

HONG KONG: Ten years have passed since the SARS virus gripped Hong Kong killing nearly 300 people. PKG. TBA


SALISBURY, MARYLAND: The effects of the massive budget cuts known as the "sequester" are starting to show -- as with the imminent closure or crippling of small airports, which will now have to operate without their federally-funded air traffic controllers. PKG. NSV - VID502824_EN / VOICED - VID502825_EN


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