Formula One: Webber stopped in his tracks by a koala

Days after his bid for victory in Malysia was thwarted by gung-ho team-mate Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber has found himself halted again, but this time by a koala.

"Stopped in my tracks. He's on a mission the little fella," Webber posted on his official twitter feed, alongside a photo he took himself of the marsupial crossing the road in front of him.

The message provoked some ironic responses from Webber's fans - still smarting after last Sunday's incident at the Malaysian Grand Prix when Vettel blatantly defied team orders and overtook his teammate to snatch a controversial win.

"Good man, Vettel would have hit the other pedal (by mistake of course)," wrote one Webber supporter. Another commented: "At least he didn't pass you"

Webber has returned to his native Australia to cool off after the Sepang storm with Vettel ahead of next month's Chinese Grand Prix.