Jordan's new government line-up

Following is the official list of the 19-member Jordanian government of Abdullah Nsur, sworn in by King Abdullah II on Saturday.

- Prime Minister and Defence: Abdullah Nsur (unchanged)

- Interior and Municipal Affairs: Hussein Majali (new, merged portfolio)

- Justice and Prime Ministry Affairs: Ahmad Ziadat (new, merged portfolio)

- Foreign Affairs: Nasser Judeh (unchanged)

- Trade, Industry, Communications and Supply: Hatem Halawani (unchanged, merged portfolios)

- Finance: Ummaya Tukan (new)

- Planning, Tourism and Antiquities: Ibrahim Saif (new)

- Education: Mohammad Wahash (new)

- Higher Education and Scientific Research: Amin Mahmud (new)

- Water and Agriculture: Hazem Nasser (new, merged portfolio)

- Information, Political Development and Parliamentary Affairs: Mohammad Momani (new, merged portfolios)

- Health and the Environment: Mjalli Mheilan (new, merged portfolio)

- Social Development: Reem Abu Hassan (new)

- Housing and Public Works: Walid Masri (new)

- Energy: Malek Kabariti (new)

- Labour and Transport: Nidal Qatamin (unchanged, merged portfolio)

- Islamic Affairs and Awqaf: Mohammad Qudah (new)

- Culture: Barakat Awajan (new)

- Public Sector Development: Khleif Khawaldeh (unchanged)