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What's happening around the world on Monday:


+ Big Cyprus savers brace for haircut decision

+ India court to rule in landmark drug patent case

+ Fierce fighting in Syria's Aleppo

NICOSIA: A final decision is awaited on what percentage big savers in Cyprus's largest bank stand to lose under an EU-led bailout, as Greek Cypriots mark a public holiday and performers line up for a "concert of solidarity and hope." (CYPRUS-ECONOMY-EU-FINANCE)

NEW DELHI: India's Supreme Court is set to rule on a patent challenge by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis that activists say threatens access to cheap generic versions of life-saving drugs in developing nations. Ruling expected around 0530 GMT. (INDIA-SWITZERLAND-NOVARTIS-PHARMA-COURT-PATENT)

DAMASCUS: Fierce fighting sparks an exodus from the Aleppo district of Sheikh Maqsud, as the Syrian regime and rebels trade accusations of blame for a "massacre" of civilians in a town near the border with Lebanon. (SYRIA-CONFLICT)


JOHANNESBURG: South Africans hope Nelson Mandela will be able to return home after spending five days in hospital for treatment of a recurrence of pneumonia, his third hospitalisation in four months. (SAFRICA-POLITICS-HEALTH-MANDELA)

CENTENNIAL, Colorado: James Holmes, the 25-year-old accused of gunning down 12 people at a US movie theater in July, is due in court, where prosecutors are expected to say whether they will seek the death penalty. 1500 GMT. (US-CRIME-SHOOTING-COURT)

WASHINGTON: Obama family hosts annual White House Easter Egg Roll. 1400 GMT. (US-POLITICS-RELIGION-EASTER-LEISURE)