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SEOUL: The United States says it is taking "all necessary precautions" after North Korea stokes fresh concerns in an escalating crisis by moving a medium-range missile to its east coast. RAW. 0500 GMT (Voxes and GVs), 0900 GMT (Analyst)

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MADRID: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon tells North Korea to rein in its nuclear threats. RAW. VID504511_EN

MOSCOW: Russia strongly condemns North Korea's actions in the intensifying standoff with South Korea and the US. RAW. VID504418_EN

TOKYO: Japanese experts on North Korea doubt that Pyongyang will implement its war threats. RAW. VID504241_EN


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SHANGHAI: Authorities begin the mass slaughter of poultry at a city market as they attempt to curb the spread of the bird flu strain H7N9. RAW. TBC

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TAIPEI: Passengers at Taiwan's Sungshan Airport are checked for signs of a new strain of bird flu. RAW. VID504423_EN


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NICOSIA: Monitoring the political and economic situation in cash-strapped Cyprus as it implements the IMF's tough bailout. RAW. TBC

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NICOSIA: Cyprus bank workers strike over fears pension funds are not fully protected under the country's bailout. RAW. VID504402_EN



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FARAH, AFGHANISTAN: Afghan National Army soldiers sift rubble after a Taliban attack on a courthouse kills 46 people. RAW. VID504429_EN

BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA: Thousands rally in support of local leaders' bid to adopt a separatist flag as the staunchly Islamic province's official emblem. RAW. VID504484_EN


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ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN: Iran and world powers sit down for two days of talks on the country's controversial nuclear programme. RAW. TBC

PARIS: Actor Gerard Depardieu appears in court on drink-driving charges. RAW. 1200 GMT

LONDON: The world's top indoor sky divers gather in London to show off their mid-air formation-flying skills. RAW. TBC

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FRANKFURT, GERMANY: ECB holds key interest rate at record low 0.75% at its monthly policy meeting. FILE. VID502810_EN / RAW. VID504384_EN (Images & Draghi soundbites)

PARIS: French senators debate gay marriage bill amid protests. RAW. VID504439_EN, VID504593_EN

MARSEILLE, FRANCE: Founder of scandal-hit breast implant company PIP gives evidence to magistrates in involuntary homicide inquiry. RAW. VID504450_EN

BUCHAREST: Protest against shale gas exploration take place, as US energy giant Chevron expects to start exploration in eastern Romania later this year. RAW. VID504519_EN

MILAN: Moroccan-born exotic dancer Karima El-Mahroug, linked to sex scandals involving Silvio Berlusconi, says she had been "manipulated" by prosecutors and the media. RAW. VID504459_EN

MILAN: Topless protests against Islamism are staged in Milan and across Europe. RAW. VID504508_EN

RABAT: French President Francois Hollande says he will go all the way to clean up French politics. RAW. VID504525_EN

PARIS: Flagship French department store chain Printemps is to be wholly owned by investors from Qatar, after buying out shareholders. STOCK SHOTS. VID504412_EN

GLASGOW: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge visit the Scottish city. RAW. VID504530_EN

LONDON: A rare portrait of Matisse's wife by André Derain is unveiled, before it goes under the hammer in May for as much as 20 million dollars. RAW. VID504396_EN


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BANGUI: Following developments in the Central African Republic as new leaders grapple to stabilise the country. RAW. TBC

BAMAKO: French foreign minister arrives in the Malian capital to push for reconciliation and elections in July. RAW. 1800 GMT

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ABIDJAN: Ivorian PM hits out at a report by Human Rights Watch which criticises the country's judicial response following post-electoral violence in 2010. RAW. VID504468_EN

YOPOUGON / ABIDJAN: Ivorian government exhumes bodies buried in mass graves following post-electoral violence in 2010-2011. RAW. VID504473_EN

BANGUI: The new leaders of the Central African Republic expect the country's transition period to last two years. RAW. VID504367_EN


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KHARTOUM: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi continues his historic two-day visit. RAW. 1600 GMT.

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KHARTOUM: Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi arrives in Sudan. RAW. VID504500_EN

CAIRO: Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal speaks to reporters for the first time since he was reelected head of the Islamist movement. RAW. VID504391_EN

RABAT: French President Francois Hollande hails "decisive steps" taken by Morocco towards democracy in a speech to parliament. RAW. VID504389_EN

RABIAA, SYRIA: Syrian rebel brigade pauses to mark wedding. RAW. VID504260_EN


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WASHINGTON: March unemployment figures are released. FILE. 0400 GMT

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WASHINGTON: Facebook reveals a new mobile software suite which makes the social network the "home" of Android smartphones. RAW. VID504527_EN (launch event) / VID504422_EN (analyst)

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT: Connecticut passes the toughest US law on owning military-style rifles. RAW. VID504451_EN

WASHINGTON: Thursday marks the 45th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Images of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, inaugurated in 2011. RAW. VID504580_EN

WASHINGTON: Spring is making a halting start with the continuing cold slowing the blossoming of the capital's famed Japanese cherry trees. RAW. VID504529_EN


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SANTOS, BRAZIL: The port of Santos is Latin America's biggest -- and it's set to boom even further, with the inauguration of a new interoceanic highway. PKG. TBC

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LA PLATA, ARGENTINA: Dozens die in massive flooding in Argentina, prompting the government to declare three days of national mourning. RAW. VID504235_EN, VID504555_EN (images of aid donations)

MEXICO CITY: Inauguration of a monument to victims of drug trafficking cartels. RAW. VID504600_EN

SANTOS, BRAZIL: Stock shots of the port of Santos in Sao Paulo state, Latin America's biggest port. STOCK SHOTS. VID504555_EN

PANAMA CITY: Stock shots of Panama City and the Panama Canal. STOCK SHOTS. VID504442_EN


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SANTIAGO: Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda died 40 years ago, officially from prostate cancer -- but some close to him insist he was assassinated by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. This weekend, the poet is set to be exhumed to get to the bottom of how he really died. PKG. TBC

LARGO, MARYLAND: Cybersecurity may be a growing sector in the US, but many companies are still struggling to recruit talent. Some universities now offer specialized courses in the hopes of boosting the available manpower. PKG. 2200 GMT

BUDAPEST: A new cultural centre called Juranyi has opened in Budapest and is charged with saving the city's independent theatre scene, whilst offering a creative sanctuary for designers, musicians and artists. RAW. 0330 GMT

KAI, JAPAN: A Japanese grape grown on the foothills of Mount Fuji is producing wine that's even impressing French connoisseurs -- and winemakers are now looking to export it to the West. PKG. 0500 GMT


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