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What's happening around the world Sunday:


+ Mandela convalesces at home after release from hospital

+ Kerry heads to West Bank for talks with Abbas

+ Pope Francis delivers address to mark formal handover

JOHANNESBURG: Nelson Mandela returns home after being discharged from hospital following successful treatment for pneumonia (SAFRICA-POLITICS-HEALTH-MANDELA-DISCHARGE)

TEL AVIV/RAMALLAH: US Secretary of State John Kerry flies in for a two-day visit and heads straight to Ramallah on the West Bank for talks at 1700 GMT with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. Picture (PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL-US-DIPLOMACY)

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis delivers an address from a balcony over St Peter's Square at 1000 GMT and celebrates mass at St John the Lateran basilica at 1500 GMT to mark its formal handover to his authority. Pictures (VATICAN-RELIGION-POPE)


BAGHDAD: Monitoring a day after an attack on an open-air election rally in central Iraq killed 25 people, two weeks before provincial elections (IRAQ-UNREST-POLITICS-VOTE)

ISTANBUL: US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at 1300 GMT with Syria on the discussion agenda. Presser expected at 1500 GMT. Picture (TURKEY-US-DIPLOMACY)

DAMASCUS: Rebel prime minister Ghassan Hitto launches talks to form an interim government for the whole of Syria, after monitors said at least 15 people were killed in an air strike on the city of Aleppo. Picture (SYRIA-CONFLICT)

SHANGHAI: Monitoring as fears remain over an H7N9 bird flu outbreak in eastern China, which has killed six people and prompted a ban on the live poultry trade (CHINA-HEALTH-FLU)

SRINAGAR: Reporting on the investigation into the murder of a young British woman holidaying in Indian Kashmir who was found stabbed on a houseboat, and the arrest of a Dutch man on suspicion of her murder (INDIA-BRITAIN-WOMEN-CRIME-TOURISM)

HANOVER, Germany: Rights groups are expected to protest at the opening of the Hanover Industrial Fair, due to be attended by Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Speech from Merkel at 1755 GMT. Picture. Video (GERMANY-RUSSIA-INDUSTRY-POLITICS)

BAMAKO: Tensions simmer in Mali after a surprise operation to disarm police resulted in a clash that left a soldier dead (MALI-POLICE-ARMY)

DOHA: Conference on rebuilding the western province of Darfur, shattered by fighting, to be attended by UN experts and members from civil society organisations (SUDAN-CONFLICT-AID-UN-QATAR)